Martina McBride Came to Town! And More!

Last Night in Waterbury, CT, at The Palace Theatre, Martina, Mcbride blew the roof off the house, with her singing and band. She is one of Country Music’s Best Performers and proved why she was. He Performance amazed and dazzled many there and made us stand on our feet more than a few times.  Her voice reached the inside of the domes of the Palace and woke everyone in such a pleasant manor it was unbelievable. Young and old alike applauded her performance, and were amazed by a vocal range that is unbelievable! Bravo Martina!!!!!!!!!!! Bravo, you are blessed with incredible talent, incredible personality and style too! I took my 74 year old wife to your concert here and tell me tell you something, she fell in love with your voice, and you! I want to say thank you for such a heart warming, performance and appearance by you, you did what few could do, made us all screw, yell, clap and gave us one hell of a night to remember!

How such a voice, comes from such a small framed woman who is beauty in person and sings like an angel is crazy, you’re a gifted person Martina and we are grateful for hearing and seeing you perform. You brought an evening of music, laughter, pure entertainment to our world in Waterbury here, and we shall forever remember it! God Bless You!

Well, I could continue to Rave about Martina and her performance here but I believe all now get the drift. So Onward I go, Part two of todays blog coming at you!   I have a dream as a Disabled American Veteran and that is to see America stop fighting wars for other countries and just protect our homeland.  Too Many Veterans are handicapped or lost a limb or their minds fighting wars for other countries. Isn’t it time America stopped sacrificing our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines, to police other countries and instead bring them home to care for our own country? Just a suggestion folks and one I fully believe in!

Final for today’s blog! As many who read my blog know, I write blogs on many subjects and I write poetry and short stories and attempt to sell them to the American Public to help myself and my wife survive. I am a disabled American veteran with six herniated discs in my spine, from a fall aboard a Navy Ship. Some of my stories are Navy related in humor and then some are romantic and murder mysteries too. No I am not Hemingway or Robert Ludlum, or Dan Brown, but I write to help my PTSD, my mental health and to try to make a few bucks. I am not doing that great selling them and maybe I need help editing them and rounding them out, but at least I am trying. One of my better blogs concerns cancer, and Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which can be found here:

Read My Article on Breasts Cancer and Cancer in General and Give so more will LIve!

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