Saturday October 11th, 2014

     As wars rage across the world, battles are being fought for towns and land and rights and more, I like many others pray for peace, and say thank you that I was born and raised in America. We can’t solve all our own problems, nor can we solve the worlds, but at least we are better off than most of it.

Ebola is extending out from The African Nations, now extending into Spain, and the United States, and Governments are slow to take action, faster folks or this Ebola can get millions. America needs to close its borders to all outsiders now, till this Ebola Crisis is under control. Don’t wait until we have a hundred or more with it and a hard time controlling it, do it now!

 My statements are short today for good reason I have a busy day ahead of me. So forgive my shortness or curtness folks. My day today is composed of business for my wife at her Primerica Office and then in the evening we are taking time off, to go see one of Country Music’s Greatest Female Performers, in Martina McBride. I am excited to see her in concert tonight, and have heard she is great to see and worth the price. So I shall see, and so will my wife. If you are like me and you love Country Music there can not be a better way to spend a Saturday Night.

One last thing before I close my blog today, I know many of you are not thinking of what will happen on NOvember 4th, 2014, the Mid-Term Election, yet you should all be thinking about it and what we all need to do. We need to clean the House and Senate of the nay sayers and make it a Congress that will work for Americans once more. We need to get rid of The Filibusters, The naysayers, the fools who have stalemated Congress and the Country for their own political views and reason, must go! Think on it folks and make wise choices on NOvember 4th, 2014, or lose out on a chance to better the country. But 2016, if we have any brains and balls, and common sense, we should have Hillary Clinton for President and be back on a recovery road for our economy and so much more. Wake Up!


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