Who and What of Richard Nixon in History?

The Amazing life of an American like I am about to talk about is really unbelievable and downright crazy in many ways. Yet many call him a thief, a criminal and a fool for he, destroyed himself in the American People’s eyes and the eyes of the world. Why? will forever remain a mystery to many in the world, but it was no mystery to the man who lived it. He rose out of California, with a decent education, and manners taught to him by his mother, yet he talked at times like a street thug in a booze hall. He drank, he cried, he laughed and he tried, but by the time of his death, he was known worldwide.  Do we know the full story of the man and how he became who he was and why he succeeded when no one thought he would, yet later he fell from grace and the public eye in such a ruin that the only thing that burned faster than him, was Rome as Nero fiddled. In the end though this is not about his rise and his fall, it is about where his place in history shall end up, written by historians and the American Public and its news agencies. Funny, when we look back now, from 2014 to his time in life and in the public eye, how we can say, it was the last good times in America History, for after he left office, America did start going south, so to say. The American decline that is happening today in the world’s eyes and in our own eyes started once he left office, for in the end he was powerful as a force among leaders, and determined to do things his own way. It is the doing things his own way, that caused his demise and downfall. Sadly, the American public would condemn him as a fool, a criminal and corrupt as all hell, when in fact he did nothing no other person who held the biggest office in the world did, all Presidents before him did it too, he just got caught at it and lied about it, if he had said yes it happened, yes I approved it, yes it is no big deal, all before me did it too, he would have admitted to the fault of all before him as well as himself and the American People would not have driven him from office. Yes, this is all about a man, who grew up a Quaker, and became an American President, yes this is About an American Phoenix, who rose high, soared in his prime and died in a burst of embarrassment and humility and shame. He cried as he left office, he knew what he had done, yet he refused to his dying day to admit his own involvement. Was he protecting his own self, or the country, or those who worked for him? Those are questions that can be answered by the tapes, the writings and documents and court papers, what can’t be explained was his major flaws and his reactions and why he did what he did. Or can it be explained?

His name was Richard Millhouse Nixon, yes, he rose from California, fought great political wars at the side of Eisenhower as his Vice President, and he wanted the Presidency so bad, he fought John F. Kennedy for the office in such a battle for the 1960 election cycle, that he swore no one would have him to kick around anymore, and that he was gone from politics. The Election in 1960 was the closest in American History, to see who would lead us as a country and a people. Kennedy won and died in 1963 to be replaced by his Vice President Johnson, who would not run for a second term.  Nixon would come up from the ashes of political ruin and the wasteland of the political world to run an election campaign that won his the White House. He did get what he wanted finally after more than half his life, but he blew it all starting immediately after he raised his hand and got sworn in. They say that power drives one mad, and ultimate power causes ultimate madness, in this case, it caused a man to lose sight of his original goals, to hide his amazing mistakes in character. Yes, the flaws of Richard M. Nixon would be his own personality flaws of big headiness, stubbornness, paranoia, nerves and in the end misbelief of what his own men did in his name. Nixon, as an individual, had soft spots for friends and hard spots for enemies, he had mad moments of lucid thoughts and mad moments of insane thoughts, yet he commanded respect as a leader, a man and a politician in the world.  Even when action needed to be taken on the economy, the world, wars and other countries, it was indeed far reaching. He mind raced at speeds others couldn’t keep up with, his staff and members of his Cabinet would later talk of how he mystified them, surprised them and disappointed them, but in the end all would agree, his drive and need for attention, as well as his education, served him well, and so did his lawyerly skills from his time as a Lawyer. The amazing, Richard Millhouse Nixon, is right now painted in history as a criminal and a President who failed and killed the trust of the American People. When in fact a careful look at his accomplishments in life and in his Presidential Time in Office, will show in the future he had a vision and a way of controlling the country and making it better.

So who or what established these flaws in a man who could govern a country and make it move forward and contact other countries and open them up to all?  Was it parental choices by his mother who bore him and his father, was it relatives, was it school boy days and interactions, what was it? Will we ever know, that my friends is the question, and how do you or I believe Richard Nixon will be in our History books in the future, what will America teach us about this man, this leader, this person, this President who resigned in disgrace and still fought on after leaving office, to protect his papers and documents and more until his own death. What motivated Richard Nixon, dedication, service, education or duty? Or was it self-preservation, lies and deals, and stubbornness? The answer my friends are blowing in the wind, like Stevie Wonder said, but it is out there if you look carefully enough for it!


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