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There are many ways to say to the public hey wake up, but none effective enough for them to listen at all times. Attention getting newscasts lately include Obama did this wrong, Obama did that wrong, we shouldn’t be fighting in Afghanistan, or Iraq or Syria. I believe we don’t need to be policing the world when we can police our own country and survive and help ourselves here at home by creating jobs, helping our own homeless and hungry and closing our borders to all till the Ebola Crisis is over.

That said, we need to get on Congress’s ass,and tell them to generate jobs in all possible ways, give tax breaks to manufacturing companies, extend unemployment and back Obama Care whether you like it or not, or get the hell out of office. The USA is now falling behind the world economy in so many ways, we are being over run by other countries products and paying for their materials cause we don’t produce our own anymore. Sad isn’t it folks?

Whatever happened to BE American, Buy American?  Did we forget so fast that we need to buy our own items in order for our economy to survive? Are we that ignorant folks that, we don’t realize when we buy someone else’s materials or equipment we leave our own economy short of that cash?

One person can not solve the problems we have now in America folks, but I can try to raise hell about the lack or care and respect we give ourselves in this country! I can suggest, cajole, push, recommend and rant over it all, but if no one listens I can’t force change, not one person’s place to do so, but if more look at it the way I do we can effect change by pure numbers in the end!

Talking about change the November 4th elections are coming fast, lets change the House so it works again folks, and if in 2016 you determined to elect a President who can handle the job, then elect people who can help them in the future.The saddest thing we did in the last election was put a Democrat in the White House, but republicans in the House, while the opposing views are fun to watch in action, they tend to stalemate a country that needs helps and advancements, lets wake the hell up folks.

Ok all of the Above said, I have watched millions of Americans become unemployed and unable to find work and slowly go downhill as unemployment runs out. Sad isn’t it? Homeless people living in cardboard boxes, standing by roadsides begging for a place to sleep and food and a job.  What the hell is wrong with America folks, that we allow our own people to be so desperate and no one reacts they just drive right by and not help anyone? Sad is what I tell ya, very sad, what happened to the all for one and one for all spirit we once had?

  OK onward and upward so to say! I write poetry, short stories and blogs as we all know. I try to blog about subjects that bother me and the country when I can. Some of my blogs are all rants, some all stories and some even poetry, but at least I attempt to reach out to people and discuss the subjects important to me in the world, more should be doing the same, now if the time to be heard folks.

  My Stories and Poems  can be found on Amazon’s KIndle E-Book for sale, yes I am not Hemingway or even Robert Ludlum but I try to make some stories worth people’s time to read. I don’t price them sky high, but appropriate for the size of the story I tell. My Poems I turned into books for all to read. So when you all feel lonely or you need a short story to keep ya busy look them up please and give me a chance to write more and get better at it ok.

 http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=la_B00CQMGTSM_B00CQMGTSM_sr?rh=i%3Abooks&field-author=William+McCurrach&sort=relevance&ie=UTF8&qid=1412770548 This is where many of my stories and little books can be found, Thank You for reading my blog!



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