Ebola Advice

    As Ebola now has hit the United States in Texas, too many will panic and we could have a disaster if not careful folks, so stay calm. As companies continue to make the vaccine that saved two americans to save many more, we have to be very careful how we handle the situation.

1 Calm is the first step to logical steps

2 Do not have sex or swap spit or fluids with strangers or people from another country.

3 Soap , water, bleach go along way folks, keep clean.

4 If someone is coughing, sweating and sneezing try to avoid all contact.

5 If you think you see an Ebola carrier or someone sick from it, report it to 911 and authorities. 

The numbers on the disease are sad in Africa, we do not need to have the same effect here in America!  Don’t be ignorant folks, learn all you can about how Ebola is contacted and how to be careful, don’t stay blind and get it! The uniformed is why it has spread so far all over African nations, and the world, learn people and react in the right ways!


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