Ebola in America/ Politics

  Ebola in America and in Texas ! Should Americans Panic and be overly worried, no, should we be careful, hell yes no matter where, especially in Texas.  But don’t panic and remember to stay calm and away from a possible Ebola patient. It is transferred by body fluids folks, and doesn’t seem to be an airborne transmission!  I am not an expert or a Doctor  but, please look it up and how to avoid getting it. Ebola patients are cleaned thoroughly with Bleach, their clothes are burned and destroyed then they are isolated once found. So panicking will not help anyone ok! Be calm and if you get a fever, chills,diarrhea, and swear big time, head for a hospital and tell them you may have Ebola so they can help you and contain you so it does not spread to everyone. 

Secondly, please remember Ebola’s cause and it’s treatments are not fully known, but America is creating a vaccine right not in huge numbers as they go along. We are the only nation so far to be able to combat Ebola in some way and save victims of it, we have saved two already. So, let manufacture the vaccine and then get people who have Ebola contained and treated so we can work to kill Ebola . Ok?

On the political front, the mid-term elections are almost upon us. We need to make some changes folks and do so now, before 2016 to be ready for the future and to get the country moving forward again.

1- Remove from the House of Representatives it’s Majority Leader Boehner, John one each non-military issue ok!

           2- Don’t allow anyone in the house who has boycotted, or filibustered bills to stay in office. 

3- Change the House and senate Balance to back which ever Presidential Candidate you think will win in 2016.

4- Get the House to stop backing bills and improving our economy by voting those that are stopping movement out.

5-E-mail or call your Congressman or Senator and tell them to create jobs and extend Unemployment and reeducate 

the Blue Collar workers to work in White Collar jobs. Tell them to give Manufacturing a chance to come back by 

 Lowering the Tax Rates for them? And push Innovation please.

6- Before they vote on anything in The House or Senate, they should consider the middle class and lower class and 

 Help all of us not just the rich!

In closing today’s blog I want to say thank you to all who read it daily or weekly, I am trying to stir an interest in

Things that need correcting in America and for the american People not other nations. we can lead by example, not         by Policing Nations and bailing them out. Bring the Troops home and use the money to build an Economy and Jobs!


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