Can America Move Forward Once More?

       America, America God Shed his Grace on Thee, Remember those words folks, I do and so should every American period, we are the luckiest nation in the world with many of the best brains in the world alive. we have tech others don’t, yet we don’t have jobs for all. We have the best medical experts in the world,yet we have sick and dying people still, we proclaim ourselves the world leaders in many areas, but are we really? 

Here are a few questions for what we call the best form of Government in the world! 1) Why if we are the best is our economy dying and so many people out of work and begging on our streets? 2) Why do we have homeless people living in cardboard boxes and begging for food and warmth? Why do we not have jobs like we did back in the 1950s, 1960s, what happened folks? 3) Why doesn’t Congress move it’s ass and roll up it’s sleeves and go to work, instead of inter party fighting, bickering and stalemating each other? 4) Do we need politicians sent to The House and Senate who won’t compromise and try to kill anything the other party puts forward, no matter if it’s good or not for the American People? 5) Why isn’t Congress doing what Roosevelt did, create jobs, instill pride, build factories and encourage innovation to lead to success, what is wrong with our system today? Someone please explain to me why America is failing it’s own lower class and middle class and only enriching the upper class? Since when did America become a society and a country just for the upper-class? Some Please explain?

          I was born in 1956, and raised in the crazy 1960s and 1970s. When I was a child kids read books, and comic books, they play tag, hide and seek and other games outside, not sitting in front of a television playing video games or in front of a computer screen! In the 1960s, when a child was hurt it didn’t matter what color their skin, or what sex, it was a child and everyone defended and helped that child!  People had an attitude of one for all and all for one back then, what the hell has happened to America?  If a Person had a flt tire back then as they drove somewhere, people would ask if they needed help and help if they could, today it doesn’t happen that way. Get a flat tire today and you sit tilla tow truck comes or you change it yourself and people fly by in their cars never thinking twice about you. Sad isn’t it?

Back in the 1960s and 1970s someone was hungry, people would buy them a meal and help them, today no way. Are Americans so self -absorbed now they just don’t give a damn anymore? Seems it to me, seems that Americans have gone from the we society to the me society, who gives a shit about the next person! Everything is me, me, me, I want, I want, I want, greed has entered the equation of life so bad in America, people kill each other over video game consoles and video games, sad huh!

In the end, I will give you an example of what I mean. The other day, I drove down to a mall here in Connecticut, standing on a corner was a Father, his wife and a little boy holding a sign, Help Us, we have no home , food , Please! Big Sign he held up and people flew by in cars no one looking or paying attention! Why? To help the guy I gave him a twenty dollar bill and said buy some food and feed your kid and wife. I told him to go to a shelter and get help, no one else did! Back in the 1960s, I was stung by a bee, in a project in the North end of waterbury. I cried I was young maybe 5 years old, I am white folks, and a black woman, who was the kindest woman I ever meet, ran out her front door and helped me. She looked at the sting, calmed me and put a mud pack on it, and it sucked the stinger out of me! She didn’t have to do it, she did it because she cared and wasn’t worried about color, status or anything else. Isn’t it great to know someone cared back then!  What happened?

 Here is the final question Americans, can we as a United people get back together, and care about one another again and move America forward, together for all?


2 thoughts on “Can America Move Forward Once More?

  1. Yes, this is the way it is now in general and I too remember better times.It’s a sad commentary on the life and times of our country and the world in general. Thanks for writing this post. My blog is:


  2. Yes we can, however, as the leadership goes, so does the country. We can still be the nation that God wants us to be. The powers that be need to become selfless, and get down to brass tacks. We live in a hurting world that needs immediate healing. Who’s going to step up to the plate? I doubt very much that our so called leaders are the ones. We need new blood, but with a huge heart, that will not only see the need, but also render that aid we so desperately want. Good read.


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