October / Jobs, Homeless/ Hungry

     October is here folks, yep it’s fall time and the weather is changing, the temperatures are dropping and so are the leaves! Baseball Playoffs will begin, and Football is a Sunday mainstay  each weekend for many. But the economy is not changing much, times are rough all around for the MIddle-Class and the Lower Class. The Upper-Class, has money and doesn’t care about the rest of us for sure, so we struggle on in an economy bogged down by a loss of jobs, and flowing cash is hard to find. When will it change folks, when will the middle class and the lower class get a chance to live again in America? 

As Factories close each day, so do brick and mortar stores it seems. We lost Caldors, we lost Bradlees, we are losing KMart next in December, so it goes to prove folks, money is tight. Sears is in trouble, JC Penny is in trouble too, is it the death of the brick and mortar store era? Stores like Best Buy struggle daily and so do so many others what the hell is going on? And why is it all happening? Someone should tell people to stop building stores and malls, you can build them all you want folks, but if no one has money to spend they are good for nothing more than an attraction for people to walk in!

I figured I would air that rant for now today, I mean isn’t it crazy, no factories, no jobs for the blue collar class, and no way for them to be accepted into the white collar class without tons of education and licensing crazy isn’t it. From the early 1900s till in the early 1990s factories and their workers held the american economy up and gave people places to earn money and survive. Today those same factory workers who are blue collar workers can’t find a job and are living month to month or week to week on  almost nothing and hurting. Can’t Congress extend Unemployment benefits and help these people by creating jobs or retraining them for the white collar jobs available so they can at least compete and survive? Why doesn’t Congress react and move? I wonder this everyday as I drive through cites in Connecticut like Waterbury, Bridgeport  , Seymour, Ansonia and West  Haven and New Haven and such! Why, are our cities and towns falling down, simple people have no place to work and are hanging in the streets, and begging for money and help and no one listens.  I see homeless standing on corners begging for food, shelter, and a place to work, why? Someone should tell Uncle Sam and Connecticut to help these folks, they need shelter and food and a place to survive!



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