Closing in on MId-Term Elections

      September 30th 2014 is here folks, which means the Fall is coming and the cold here in New England too. Yes I know too many don’t want to hear it, but tomorrow is indeed October 1st, 2014. Which bring the dreaded winter closer and the fun of summer further away. The kids are back in school, the stores are starting Holiday Sales, and in the end we are closer to the election cycle than ever before. As my dad once told me the clock stops for no one folks, no matter is you live or die!

October brings to me questions regarding politics and the United States future, whose hands will America put itself in? Good Question right folks? Will the Republicans who have stymied the government stay in power in the House? Will we allow republicans to control both the Senate and The House and oppose any movement forward by the country, any longer? You tell me folks, because as I see it now America is faltering on the brink and the Republicans are responsible. They have held back every attempt to improve the country in the house and John Boehner, is their leader in the blocking brigade, Mr. Boehner believes he is doing right when in fact he is screwing the country. Representative Boehner The House Leader has to go, for he is determined to stop any progress until he gets a Republican President, and that is not happening. He pouts, he filibusters, grumbles and refuses to move on any area of importance to the American People. We need help in the economy, jobs,health care, yes Obamacare can be improved, and should not be dismantled it has helped millions. So why is Mr. Boehner so set in his ways, simple, he is like a spoiled child who can’t have it any other way but his own. Mr. Boehner this is America, we are a republic, and a democracy not a John Boehner World Amusement Park, wake the hell up or get out of office. Americans should remove Mr. Boehner from his post as majority Leader and Leader of the House, and remove him from office for lack of action, and bad choices. he is not helping the American people, he is hurting us all, with his lack of action program.

As the year progresses, 2014 is now becoming critical to the country in a couple of ways. 1) Politics and who will lead this country is coming up in November and we need changes now! A divided Congress where the Democrats control the Senate and Republicans the house does not work folks. What is happening is simple, for instance here is a bill put forward by democrats, nope so the Republicans, then here is one put forward by republicans, nope say the democrats sad isn’t it, so the country stagnates due to it all. Why, do we as the American People have to put up with this shit, we don’t folks, vote and change the status of the House and Congress in general, one party or the other but vote and lets do it. If a democrat is gonna win in 2016 for President, then lets help him or her with a rebuilt Congress. Lets not let this stagnation, and arguing continue to hurt us all.

Someone forgot that Americans don’t want wars anymore and, now we have become a policing nation for other nations what the hell for? I believe we must fight Isis no doubt there, I agree. But, lets get the hell out of Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan please. Lets pull our people back, and take our weapons with us too, don’t leave them behind. I will say this once again folks, we failed to police Korea, we failed to police Vietnam. we created numerous Disabled Veterans and lost millions of lives, lets stop doing this shit. If Korea wants to me communist let them, same with Vietnam, Iraq,Iran and Afghanistan, I don’t care, let them mind their own and not attack the world and we will mind our own here. we can not afford to keep trying to police a world that does not want us there, we should stop and reevaluate period. for a continue policing of the world is weakening american in stature, prestige and honor in the world’s eyes, both home and abroad!

If the politicians who run America want to work on something, work on the American Economy, work on improving Healthcare, Medicare, Medicaid, Education, and The Veterans. Work on whats needs done here to strengthen the country we live in, not someone else’s. Wake the Hell UP!

As we go forward toward the 2016 Presidential Election, which is sure to start soon enough, as all the Candidates line up in each party now, we must make intelligent choices, we must make choices that will move America forward and keep us in peace, yet improve our Economy, Education,Jobs and Health Care. we must attack the problems at home before we solve the world’s problems for them, we can lead yes, we just can’t give all and police everyone at once.We need a Leader who can take charge, who can direct us in the direction of improving America and caring for it first and foremost. We need a leader not afraid to rebuild Manufacturing, not Afraid to improve Obama Care, not afraid to say the Veteran’s Hospitals need more more and people to care for our Veterans. we We need a leader who believes in discipline, and strength and honor one who can stand tall and face other Leaders as a Leader and Partner. We need a President folks who has political knowledge, ideas to improve the country and a backbone to defend it and plans to do it all in four years time. My belief is we need Hillary Rodham Clinton as President and a First man for a change, with knowledge and advise for his wife, we get two for one if we get Hillary, lets do it folks, get Hillary to Run and get her Elected President!


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