Election Cycles/ Politics/Fix It!

      Soon enough we will face the Election Cycle once more in the United States and decisions have to be made Americans. We need to decide if we want to keep the White HOuse and Congress, separated by parties or join them together in Unity and get our country working again. It’s a decision for all Americans to make and it starts in November 2014, and must extend to 2016 when our next President will be Elected and in office. Stop and think before you vote, what you are voting for can and will be vital, not only to the world but to each human being who calls themselves American.

We face an election cycle that can define America in many ways, from Domestic Programs and Job Bills to Health Care and Foreign Policy and so much more. Are you happy we are at war with Isis, or we are still involved in Afghanistan and Iraq.  You tell me America? I know for my view Congress and the Republican Party and Tea Party have stopped any advantages, we needed put through, plus they have filibustered us to a dead stop in too many areas. Are we going to saddle our next President with a Congress from the opposite party once more and get nothing moving or done on Jobs, the Economy, Health Care and Education, or will we the American People make the changes needed? Will we make this country better or worse for the future generations of Americans who will be our relatives? The answer is about to be found out between the November 2014 and then the 2016 Presidential Election cycles. Which way do you want to go America, you tell us?

 I know my personal opinions in this are, and I know I am tired of being bogged down, held back, and stopped by a congress filled with people who want to stop anything they can by the opposing party. It deadlocks Congress, prevents any bills, laws or Educational or Veteran Bills from passing, it stops the country from moving forward in rebuilding the economy period and hurts more than helps. We must put in a congress and a President that can work together, not separately, to try to make themselves look better, but together to help Americans better their country and themselves. If you Agree, then I say let’s do what is right for America and make it work!

Yes, I know I sound like a broken record, yes I know I harp on the government not working and earning its paycheck and yes I also know i am right. Yes, we must stop Isis and yes we need to preserve and protect our own country, but must we forever more be the world’s protectors too? Isn’t it time we start withdrawing some man power, weapons and energy from place that want us gone and let them flail about on their own to survive or just out right fail. Why must America be the world’s big brother, protector and savior all the time, can’t we just concentrate on our own country for a while and make it better?

 Now I know many will say I’m a liberal bleeding heart and I don’t know what I am talking about,but, here is where I come from as a Veteran who served his country, did as he was told for 16 years and got injured on duty and am now a Disabled Veteran. Veterans need taken care of, hospitals for them must be manned fully and equipment brought in. Veterans need medical help, physically and mentally and so much more, but the Veteran Hospitals do not have the staffing requirements to keep it up. Fix it please!

Education is vital in America and we all know it, take a kid from a project or ghetto and place him in advanced education circumstances and you will see a better America for all. The poor need educated too we need educational plans for all economic statuses, not just the rich or upper middle class. Obama care was a start to a free medical care for all, paid for by the Government but it isn’t enough and should be expanded. 

      Farmers need to be subsidized and paid to work and produce for America too, the farms are closing down and can not make enough to stay alive, help them damn it!

 I have many things I can carry on about in this rant if I wanted to, but here is the bottom line America, a President of one party and a congress of another does not work, we must help the President we elect, not stonewall them, so listen up start making changes now in Congress in the Mid-term elections, November is coming!




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