My Lament to DAD!

 The weekend is getting ready to begin folks, it is Friday! I hope all had a great week at work and home and got done what they needed done! Life will go on no matter what folks believe me, I know, I have heard it all before, and was told it by a special man in my life, years ago, before he died! 

Yes, as my Step-father laid on a hospital bed dying of cancer, he spoke to me, his words were clear concise and he knew what he was saying. He said the following to me: Son, don’t cry for me, don’t let life go by, don’t waste time. I know when I die you will cry, you will grieve for me, but, I want you to carry on!  Be the best you can be son, and remember long after I am gone, the world will continue to spin, the clocks will still tick and life will go on.  Minutes will turn to hours, hours to days and days to weeks and, months and finally years. You will overcome your grief, and move on and so will the world, just remember me and that I loved ya! He then turned his head and vomited  all over the place and died! I remember Dad I do, so I moved on and so has life and time as you said, now I am almost your age when you died and moms too and soon, who knows I may come see you again. Lets hope for the best, I will live to be the best and do as ya said, waste no time and do my thing, make my mark. I owe you that much Dad for raising me, for clothing me, housing me, feeding me and so much more, Love Your Son!



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