September Rolls, Premonitions, Writing, Television

     September rolls on for 2014, a year I never figured on living to but I have.  Each day brings a mystery to how i survive and why, but here I be. So while I am still kicking lets talk about, premonitions. I have had them all my life so to say, when I was a small child, I saw things coming and avoided them,. I would dream of something happening and wake up upset, and it would stick with me all day and when I ran across anything the looked like the dream I would avoid it and walk away. It worked for I am still here and I have avoided the worse things I ever dreamed of.

Premonitions, took me to school, away from drugs, towards arts and writing, towards lovers and away from enemies. They gave me direction, like joining the service, marrying whom I did and divorcing one I did too. I knew so many things were coming do to dreams I had and remembered and that included births of my daughters and much more. Life is not always a question mark for me, sometimes I just go toward what I have seen in my dreams and it keeps me going and gives me hope and much more. It is not always that way and I find when that is so, bad things will catch up to me, like old enemies or a lose will happen. But then it is usually because I choose to ignore what my dreams told me, funny how that works.

As we all know I write little stories, blogs and poems, for I try to sell them and get people to read them every chance I can. I made many into little books on Amazon’s Kindle E-Book Publishing, where my wife took and published them. I was amazed that people would ever read them, never mind pay for them, but some did. My only problem in this field is what to write about next to produce more, for I took many stories from my life and did them up. I made some up like my murder mystery books so I am capable of that too. The only question is what the public is reading these days, and what kind of stories they would like period. Ya never know what people really like do you?

I want to thank television and the Networks for starting the Fall Season too, new shows and returning ones are alway interesting and fun. But I think instead of a 13 week season it should be expanded to twice as much, that way it lasts longer and more to see what happens in favorite shows and with the characters. But that’s me, certain shows I love and will watch all the time, NCIS, Castle,The Voice are some I love, Scandal,Chicago Fire and PD are a few others. Then when all else fails me for a program to watch I find the History Channel, Discovery, Fox and Sci-Fi to fill the gaps. All good programming and more, but I am now getting into Public Television these days and CPTV comes to mind. They always  have something interesting to watch and it’s educational or pure entertaining.



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