The first day of Fall has arrived folks, and a chill hits the air and the muggy air still sits on top of us. But the year proceeds along as usual doesn’t it, time waits for no one that is for sure! The past is dead and gone they say, but the truth is every moment in ones past is what is built upon to live the future your going to.  All we were taught when young carries us forward in life and we used these past experiences and lessons to make decisions in our current day-to-day lives. We build upon each experience we had in the past and use the results to make the choices we do for today and the lives we live.

You hear people mention it all the time without realizing it, like whew glad I didn’t do that one, did it before and know what that  is like, and phrases like that. The miracle is no one realizes it consciously, nor do you pay attention to the fact you’re doing it, you just do, funny huh? It’s called automatic responses, and we are all programmed with them, someone sneezes, God Bless ya comes out, someone is sick, we all react the same, we are sorry, hope ya feel better, auto-responses, these days for sure. Nothing wrong with them, just no one stops to notice!

We breath on automatic response, our hearts beat on automatic response, our body moves on auto response during our sleep. So what do we really control, our education, our choices in life are which direction we go in and how we handle the pressures that life can put upon us, and how we choose to do so, also controls what we do for a living and who we pair up with in life, as well as friends we have. We don’t choose our parents, some who mistreat us and beat us, swear at us and not care for us, yet we deal with all they do to us and with us to survive and we run from home if we have to survive. As children we are more resilient and flexible than adults and we do get fed up and ultimately fight back, and leave to form our own relationships and carry on.Amazing isn’t it when ya stop to think about it!

All a thought I had this morning, as I looked back on the lives of my own siblings and I. we all suffered abuse up and until the death of our parents in one way or another, yet each of us became different in our own ways. My elder brother was a sports hero who ran, and played and escaped home and the family through that avenue. He is now an introvert, who has been married twice, and had twos ons, one who is dead now and he runs and hides from most to survive. I am different, I am the extrovert, the one who will talk up, the one who gives advice, the one who helps other to a fault, married twice also, I have two daughters, who’s mother took them from me years ago, in her own way, turning them on me. I fought back and refused to give in and told the truth ultimately they understood and we can now talk and get along. Amazing huh? My Younger brother the 3rd one grew up fighting for attention from his parents and all around him. He fought back against his violent father and his mother who didn’t belong being a mom. In the end he rebelled so well, he wiped his father out, fought him and got thrown out of the house. He went on to become a con-man, and a drug user and died ultimately  at 30 years in California and got himself buried under a name not his own, to hide. My sister was protected by her father as a child and growing up, and mom hated that. So mom mistreated her by never showing her love or caring and rejecting her in the end when mom died and handed her rings to a stranger. Sad ya ask me, really. The baby boy is a stranger to all of us these days, he’s been married twice, I don’t know if he has any children and I haven’t seen him since 1994. He is an artist, a gamer, a worker for sure, but he is also a man with a problem of mistrust and lack of showing emotion. so of five of us, no one came out perfect, did we?

I said this before and I will say it once more here, we are born to what ever parents we have at the time, and we cannot choose our parents. we learn from them, we become them in many ways and reject some of their ways as we grow up and form our own selves. we didn’t ask for the parents we had, yet we survive them normally, and make our own choices based on our own reactions, and morals and ethics as we grow up. Choices in the end make us the men or women we are today in the world and past family experiences. In The end what we find out as we grow older and deal with it all is this, we were all put on this planet to complete some mission the Lord sent us here to do, we know not what it really is, but we survive until we reach and complete it and then we return to from which we came.



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