Alex, my brother’s Birthday!

      Alex A. Sali, was my younger brother, who was the first son of my step-father Abraham. Alex was born with gifts few knew he had because he never used them, he knew music, art, and hard work. He had the gift of gab, and could talk you into buying a pair of used underwear, if he tried hard enough. He was a fighter, a con man, a thief and much more, He was a father, a lover to his women, a traveler of the United states and a Gambler too. Alex was beaten as a child by his father so much so, he rebelled against Abraham and stole his father’s belongings and jewelry and tools and sold them to pawn shops or anyone else he could to make some bucks. Alex had so many sides to him few of us knew him at all, including me, but he was my younger brother, who ran far and wide to get away from his father, his mother and his parental family, sad isn’t it?

 My younger brother ran hard and far after a confrontation with his father Abraham, in the basement of a home we lived in Naugatuck, Connecticut. Seems after I left home to join the military, Alex rebelled more so than before, and he and Abraham had a falling out. They ended up in the basement of the house face to face arguing and fighting it out, as Abraham beat Alex with a two by four, Alex, finally had enough and he was now big enough to fight back, he was 16. He grabbed a lead pipe and cold cocked his father across his skull and caused the older man to bleed well. Abraham with blood pouring down his face, told his son to pack his stuff and get out of his house that day and never return. Alex did and that is how it really went no story intended folks.

 Alex would return in the future once or twice maybe three times from his travels around the United States. He came back to sell a greyhound dog to a dog track one year, another time, to steal more from his father and leave again. But in the end Alex was never to enter his parents home or see his family again, for he hated each and everyone one of us, for what happened to him. It was not his siblings though who bore the responsibility of what happened to him, it was his father and mother. As they aged and he did, they wondered where he had gone and what happened to him, and grew older and hit their 50s as he hit 30. In the end his parents both contacted cancer, his father got cancer of the pancreas and his mother cancer of the lungs, they died one year and one day apart, in 1990 and 1991. While dying Abraham and his wife went looking for Alex and tried to trace him down using his social security number. They found him, before dying, and sent him a message they were dying, Alex, never replied at all, he refused.  

   My sister and i buried Abraham and our mother side by side in one cemetery, after our mother died, bringing them together for eternity.  They never heard a word from Alex! Alex died in California after moving from state to state and leaving behind a wife in son in Texas. and headed west. He died a sad, lonely man at age 30, in a nursing home in California, and didn’t want to be buried under his real name of Sali. He was buried under Alex Sali Martenelli, and he died of aids from drug use. The sad part is he was so talented as a child and so smart he could have done anything he set his mind to, his father drove him to the dark side with beatings and mistreatment. It is Alex’s birthday today September 19th, he was born in 1963. God Bless you Alex and may you sleep peacefully and rest in peace in heaven!.




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