Three disturbances, that bother us all!

     Good Thursday Morning America!

There are three things that disturb and concern me today as I wake up slowly and look at the news this am!

1) Terror Organizations and the existence of such groups. They are abundant in the Mid-East part of the world and wish to threaten everyone they can for either political or religious reasons. They say the Koran tells them to attack and terrorize people and eliminate people and races. Wrong no where in your Koran does it say that! Part two, why are you attacking countries who want nothing to do with you? Leave them be!  Thirdly as a British citizen told me,  and a Canadian too agreed, it is time the USA, Canada, Britain and other Democratic republics stop policing the world and take care of our own. We can not continue to police the world and then feed our own poor, homeless and ill can we?  I also noticed that those who object to my way of thinking on this subject, never served in the military and never will or could, due to choice or laziness or illness. So that is why they think it is easy to do, it is not their asses on a ship, plane, climbing or hiking across a country full of people who hate them, it’s an honorable man or woman doing it. So if you never served, don’t speak about military missions ok, you don’t know jack about being shot at, or trying to survive in hostile territory.

  2) Veteran Hospitals, I am tired of CNN, and all the major news agencies on television reporting on the accidents or malpractice of these hospitals. The truth is these hospitals save veterans and keep them alive each day, a lot more than they make mistakes or cause anyone’s death. leave them be you want to help and are concerned, then give them more money and equipment and hire more medical professionals to man them. They are under manned by Doctors, Nurses and Technicians, why because Uncle Sam pays so much less than civilian hospitals do. Wake up!  While on this subject, I go to the Veteran’s Hospital in West Haven Connecticut for all my care, last year they saved my life, by first finding cancer in my lungs, in a survey they did of people with cancer history in families. My primary care provider found the cancer and one month later they took a lobe and one-third of my right lung, removing the cancer and saving my life. They follow me and have been watching me and will be for at least five years. So, don’t tell me about Veteran’ Hospitals and their faults or problems, if it is misuse of funding ok, as to performance of the Doctors, Nurses, Technicians, no way you can say they don’t do their jobs. Leave them be and give them more money and help, don’t knock them down.

         3)Final subject for today; The National Football League and its interference, in the personal lives of its players. Listen closely now to what I am about to say folks, I am a NFL Fan for sure and have been all my life ok. And I firmly believe no woman or child should be hit or physically or mentally harmed period, but do we really need to be in each players personal life? I understand  if a player is arrested or picked up on a warrant for harming a child or woman, they need to be prosecuted to the fullest and not allowed to play football in the league, but, if not convicted in a court of law of said crimes, one must remember this is America they are innocent until proven guilty. And to sit them down or remove them from their jobs and not letting them work or provide for their families during the charges or trial is wrong. Until convicted by a jury of their peers folks , they are innocent until it’s proven.  Now, that said and done I admire The NFL for doing it’s job to the fullest in these cases and reacting, but they have taken too long to do so really, these domestic violence cases abound in the NFL and the world. It’s time, they stop!  Violence toward women or children is wrong period and we know it, we are not stupid, so wake up folks, this is a disease of the world’s society and is abundant in it, We need to stop it fast and hard and make penalties more severe regarding it all.  

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