Modern Parent’s Faults

The faults of parents, is why we have destructive, vindictive, obsessive children with no care for anyone else but themselves, they are spoiled. They are given everything and then asked to behave, and what they do is any damn thing they want and become drug abusers, drunks,stalkers, and more some even become murderers, sad isn’t it.

Back when I grew up in the 1960’s, there was an old saying from parents and grandparents, spare the rod, spoil the child! It’s true in more ways then one, these children who are spoiled and who have never been spanked or punished for what they do, become animals in the human race when they grow up. Too much leeway, too many gangster movies, too many war games and video games instill violence in our children, why do we allow it? It’s easy really, one word comes to mind and one phase, freedom of speech and choice. But before we give that right to our children don’t you think we should teach these kids, yes our kids, respect, discipline,honesty, and caring for others. When I grew up there would be no talking back to parents, there was a bar of soap and a tough man to make ya eat it if ya swore or talked back, he was called father. back then, the mothers didn’t take it, they smacked ya good, in a store, a mall anywhere if ya got out of control. you were their child, their responsibility no one elses. What has happened to core values of raising a child? what happened to teaching morals and ethics and beliefs that will guide and protect them all their lives and making them the best they can be? I guess the permissive parents of today don’t get it or remember it either.

  Instead of teaching your children to read, you give them televisions and video games, ah anyone remember a good book? Anyone bother to teach them to count, spell, or how to compromise to get along? Any of you parents ever think of saying no to your child, and telling them they have to do what is right, instead of letting them go on their own?  Don’t blame the child when they grow up and become adults if they walk away from the family or you as parents because you didn’t instill basic values and beliefs in them, it’s the parent not the child to blame! Wake UP!

Now for all those anti-violence and child abuse types who will say I am wrong, I did not say kill your kid or beat them to death here, I did not say abuse them, I did say punish them, discipline them and don’t spoil them, teach them respect, morals and ethics, manners and respect. Thats what i am saying, and don’t let your child drift into the wrong crowds, don’t let your child quit school, don’t take care of your child till 30 either, teach em to stand on their own two feet. It works with proper parental guidance and discipline, it did for generations and generations and it still will today!  Save The Children and make them your own as parents, teach them the honesty they need to survive in the world as well as rights and wrongs to do and not do. Sadly, it’s lacking in today’s children, I see it everyday in stores, on the streets, in home sof people with children, wake up, your the parent not them.


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