NFL Wake up and Change

Sunday has arrived once again folks, and The NFL will rule many home televisions and men’s hearts, as they watch the games and ignore all else around them, but men there is more going on around ya. Pay attention to the wife or girlfriend some, watch the kids and do your work around the house first and foremost, and please remember whether your team wins or loses, do not take it out on family, friends, loved one or anyone else. I hope I have made that one clear to you big NFL Fans.

The National Football League has it’s problems for sure these days. The Washington Redskins have a name problem and I believe it should be changed to a different name for the team. The Indian People of this country and the world have been discriminated against forever, and what all forget is they were here first not the team, and if they say any reference to them should not be used I agree. Change the name Mr. Synder, and let the Indians who were here way before any white man, african American or anyone else, feel comfortable again. It’s wrong to use something a whole nation and race doesn’t want used against their wishes please.

We now have many NFL problems arising and i believe the NFL did know of them and buried them to keep the games and it’s business going at all costs. IT makes money and thats it’s thing to do, it does entertain people both men and women, but it needs to discipline it’s players, coaches in the correct way, it needs to recognize it’s not a government in and of itself.

Ray Rice, now Adrian Peterson, violence, in action by full grown men who call themselves pro football player should not exempt them from punishment. No Man has the right to punch their wife and knock her out like Rice did, and no father has the right to beat their child with a switch or belt like Peterson did . Women and children are the weaker species here physically men and if you don’t have the self-control to not hit a woman or a child then maybe you shouldn’t be so lucky as to be paid to play pro football anymore and go into counselling. Maybe instead of beating women and children you should beat upon yourself and get help with anger management, think about that.

Do not misunderstand what I am saying, I love the game myself I am one of it’s biggest fans, but in the end if it’s players are going to hit and hurt women and children, I will say they need punished and more than a three game suspension or fine, they make millions playing the game, they don’t care when ya fine them.  The NFL needs to suspend them and more in response to these incidents and make an example out of the serious ones and correct the lesser ones. If your going to run a Pro League and do it right lets keeps child, women abuse out of it now. I stand for the rights of the women and children and think these men are too high on their own testosterone to stop their own actions. They need calmed down. Self-Control is something all need in the world, especially men who are athletic and strong and who can seriously damage a woman or child. Wake up NFL!


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