Good Parts of America

       Hello America. so many are putting down the American people and Country and Government in the world it is crazy, the American Way is the right way! Too many think wella democracy is wrong and we are too permissive, go tell that to the people of Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and the DictatorShips like the one in Cuba. Sadly, they still exist and will because people are afraid of taking their own destiny into their own hands like the people of America did.

         We have things in America called voting, right to free speech,education for all, equal rights and more. We are actually one lucky country in all ways. Plus we have proven we have the strongest military in the world also and I understand why we help everyone, it doesn’t mean I agree with it though.  Yet as an American you know, you have to accept the position we are in as a nation and people and lead on as we do, don’t we?

          The bottom line about America is simple folks, we can agree to disagree and discuss anything, without killing one another over it, plus we go by majority rules.  And at the same time we recognize the minority has a voice and must be paid attention to also. It works folks, if we all compromise, and remember  the United We Stand and Divided We fall saying , so stay United! America has pride, resources, people and more that believe in freedom and we shall believe forever!




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