Silent Majority Speak Up/ Hillary Clinton

America it is now time for the silent majority to speak up and make changes, the 2014 midterm elections are almost upon us. If you believe as I do that Congress has been stalemating the country and not doing it’s job, now is the time to make a change. The silent majority which is the ones who get screwed every time congress wants to tax people, needs to speak up this 2014. We need to be rid of politicians who sit in office, who just don’t work for the american people. We need change America, a change for the better, like putting in people who will compromise, throwing out tea party candidates and backing democrats in my opinion. Republicans and Tea Party politicians have sat in Congress blocking bills and laws they have no business blocking, they lie, and are lazy actually. You want to make a difference this November vote democratic, get rid of the non- working Republicans and Tea Party Members and lets move the country forward.

Two years from this November will be the most important election America will have faced in a long time, as the Presidential Candidates will soon roll themselves out and announce. When they do America, please listen closely, pay attention and don’t make a wrong choice in the Voting Booth. This country has been stagnating under the past two administrations, under Bush due to stupidity and wars, under Obama because he  is black and the Republicans are blocking everything they do. Obama never really had a chance, even though he tried, with health care and more, it was all blocked by a Republican controlled Congress. Sad isn’t it folks, the economy is stagnated, the politic plans of Americans who need help are blocked and Republicans and Tea Party members sit back and do not a thing and then say re-elect me. Why? I have no idea if you can’t compromise and work together with your fellow colleagues, get the hell out of office and do something else, politics is not for you.

        The closer we get to 2016, the more I feel our only choice is Hillary Rodham Clinton for President. Yes I know she would be the first Woman President, ever and many think she is hawkish. She isn’t really she wants to defend america and it’s people. She I am sure will have a domestic plan, to go with her foreign policies and more.  She will stand tall and tell the world and American People why certain things need done and how to keep us out of more wars. She will help to fix Obama care I am sure and handle the immigration problem in the correct manner. This is just the start of what Hillary Clinton can do people if elected. If you think the Republicans, Tea party or even an Independent can do better, then you need your head examined.

  Vote Hillary Rodham Clinton for President!


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