9-11 Remembered!

 America do not ever forget 9/11, do not ever forget unless we stick together as one people indivisible under God and Constitution, we can be overcome or hurt. That was proven on 9/11 with the dastardly attacks that hits us and the lives we have lost on that day and since from the after effects. we struggle each day to maintain our position as a leader and peacemaker of the world, but we can’t continue to do so forever. There comes a time when America must recoup and withdraw and allow someone else to provide and do the duties necessary to keep the earth going. So, if France, Russia, Italy, England, or any other country has the audacity or strength to stand tall and help Syria and their people do so now! America has helped the world through two World Wars, Korean Wars and Policing, Vietnam and Policing of it too. We have run to the rescue of Iraqis. Afghanistan’s , and many more, who has ever come to America’s rescue at any time, say hello to France who helped us way back in out Revolutionary War. We repaid them many times over and ever rebuilt Japan after their deadly attack on Pearl harbor and our Retaliation for it against them. No other nation has been so damn generous as to forgive and forget those who attacked them and rebuild them too. Isn’t time we stopped saving the world and save ourselves here at home? 


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