NFL Time is here! @014 to 2015 Season starts! Cancer and The Red Sox

     Welcome to the Opening Sunday of the 2014 NFL Season folks! Yes I know Seattle Beat Green Bay on Thursday Night for the Official Opening Game and date, but this is what fans have waited for since last February.  30 teams hit the field on one Sunday to start a season to determine who will win the LOmbardi Trophy and claim the title. Football fans are setting up TailGate Parties, getting ready to fill stadiums and watch full grown men beat each other to death to get a ball across a line to score points. It’s almost like the Roman Gladiators of the old days, except in a more civil form lol. And we all love it, both sexes, and all colors, creed, nationalities, it’s an American game loved by Americans and The World, So let the games begin and may the best team win it all.

        As to who will win the Trophy the normal suspects come to mind, Green Bay, San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, New England, all top teams for many years. Then you have the middle bunch which can upset anyone and make it if they get a few lucky breaks, New York has Two such teams, Minnesota, Dallas, Cincinnati, Chicago, New Orleans, Philly and more.  Every year the league has certain teams that get beat up, left and right Buffalo, Texas, Miami, Detroit, Arizona and more. Some may surprise folks this year and get into the playoffs that did not before or haven’t for a long while.  But the seasons run will show us all that, won’t it. We shall see, if Okland can play, or San diego, or who is healthy where and how long they last. But all NFL Players must remember, no matter what position you play, you can get injured and be out for a season or longer of get a concussion, be careful out there.

         They change some rules each season, try to control the Refs better and the players and the coaches too. But the fact of the NFL is simply folks, people want to se two teams go head to head and watch because it is exciting is all. So do us all a favor, enjoy! 

           That said and done we are now coming to the Baseball Playoff Season soon also. For me it was disappointing season as the Red sox fell apart and had a bad season. I will miss the people they traded for sure and so will the organization. Can Boston be rebuilt as a team, can it be a contender again we shall see, I was glad I lived long enough to see my Red Sox win World series titles again, in my lifetime. I have been a Red Sox fan since 1960, when my step-father and I watched them all the time I was four years old. We would sit there and watch them on tv and watch them lose each season, chocking and falling apart and bitch at the tv screen. Dad died in 1990 and never saw the Red Sox win a World Series in his lifetime, but I lived to see them all now. And I will never forget my only time in Fenway Park in 2013, for it was associated with my Cancer Fight.  I was diagnosed with cancer on August 4th 2013, lung cancer to be precise. I was rushed into surgery on september 4th, one month later and lost one and one third lobes of my right lung. No Chemo or radiation was needed, and I was one lucky man. By september 16th, 2013 I was outside Fenway Park, to see it live and see my Red sox beat the Yankees 5 to 1. My sister and her boyfriend had promised if I survived my surgery and was fine they would take me to fenway, I never  got healthier faster in all my life. I sat 5 rows behind the Red Sox Dugout staring at the Green Monster, I saw the height of the grass and saw my favorite players Ellsbury, Pedroia, Big Pappi and Jon Lester up front. I screamed when they scored, I jumped up when they almost hit homers and I smiled the whole day thru. I started the day at Fenway Park getting fish and chip at Jerry Remy’s and ended it with a good meal at a Blues Club there. I will never ever forget my one day at Fenway Park, because my sister who I love very much did it for me. I love ya Sis. 




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