Childhood Dreams! / Joan Rivers

Childhood dreams do come back to haunt you when you grow up, especially if you never attain those dreams! Some of us dreamed of being President, or superheroes, or teachers, artists or writers. we dreamed of making the world better, to solving issues and making the world get along better. The truth is folks we are all put on this earth to complete missions we do not ever understand, but once those missions are completed we return to from which we came. It is not something mankind understands nor shall we ever understand, because we programmed as we are, a creator we do not fully understand. so when you stop one day, and are wondering what the hell you’re doing, stop and think about this, if you can up with something else to do, you going to stick around longer.

That said, Joan Rivers recent death is a loss for the entertainment community, her fans and the world! She has returned and passed comfortably as her family and friends said. Her wit, charm and  quickness as well as smartness made her Joan Rivers. Don Rickles said it himself she was quick -witted biting comic who worked with him and they were friends and road buddies because she was like him. No subject was off-limits for Joan and she told us why, when she said if I can laugh about it, no matter how horrible it really is, it makes it easier to take and handle! It was her way of fending off bad news, her way of handling an imperfect world, ans making it worth being in.

 Robin Williams did the same thing folks as Joan, both made the world easier by making fun of themselves, the world, the situations and more that happen daily. So, many people die early and never finish the mission they were really put here to complete, but in the end someone else takes up the mantle and the world moves on. Joan Rivers will be missed as is Robin Williams, and the time the laughter dies, could really be the time the world does, but not yet, we have other famous comedians out there and more laughs yet to hear and see. So when you remember Joan Rivers, remember her wise cracking humor, remember her smile, remember her style, remember he entertaining ways. Remember the Joan Rivers we all loved and some loved to hate, the woman with the smile. rest in Peace Joan Rivers you did the best you could to make people happy and to make us laugh.



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