Hoodlums, Gangsters/ Waterbury, Connecticut

     Hoodlums, gangsters, punks, all the same in my book, they try to intimidate and scare you and when they still don’t get their way they stalk and attack for no reason. They abound in the world because too many don’t either use the justice system to defeat them, or they give in and let them get away with their bullshit. Now I will say this, if they have a weapon like a gun or knife and are threatening you, give in to them and fight back later, ok! Believe it or not the American Justice System will help you with these types of people.

  One of the saddest things I have noticed in my lifetime is the downfall and degradation of Waterbury, Connecticut, a once proud city of blue-collar workers who manned the factories that won wars. The factories  are gone now and the streets are falling apart, the people don’t care and neither does the government that runs it. No jobs means no money folks, no factories because you taxed them out of the city, hurts.  I watched as the Naugatuck Valley slowly, starting in the 1970s, with the shut down of Uniroyal Inc. in Naugatuck began its downfall.  They are all gone now, Timex, Chase Brass and Copper, Scovills, and so many others who were in Waterbury forever and the people walk the streets who manned these factories. Sad isn’t it? 

         I drove through Waterbury’s Downtown area the other day, drunks and drug addicts on the green and on East Main and west main Streets. The Homeless begging for food and work on the streets surrounding the mall and the stores on Wolcott Street.  The lack of street maintenance and repair and they lackluster performance of the city employees and cops is crazy. You can say Waterbury, Connecticut is a place I hope the country will never copy, or use as a guide for the rest of the country.  It is now a sad place, that looks like a failing part of an old movie. Blacks and Hispanics and Whites all fighting one another over territory and neighborhoods, hoodlums running the streets terrorizing elderly couples, it is a sad world to live in and I grew up in Waterbury’s north end back in the 1960’s.

         In the 1960s, it didn’t matter what color, race, creed or nationality you were, everyone worked to survive, pay their bills and taxes and keep a roof over their families heads. Blacks and Whites and Hispanics  and Orientals all got along, we all made peace with one another and worked side by side and lived side by side.  Gangs and Hoodlum though haven’t stopped coming up and seems they will never disappear from Waterbury’s lifestyle. The answer for these hoodlum and gangster types is terrorize, pressure and attack anyone they want to get what they want, it can’t continue Waterbury, someone needs to step up soon and stop it, or the next step is people with guns defending themselves and dead bodies piling up. I hope that makes sense, because that is the depth and reach of the tactics of these people and people get fed up and will start to fight back. Sadly then, Waterbury will crumble more, and destroy itself.

2014, and it has been since 1969 when I left Waterbury to live elsewhere, yet going back it changed so much for the bad I would never live in it again. Crime rates have jumped, hoodlums and punks and thieves are all over the city period.Sadly, no one can stop it, or they are a part of it and have no want to, or they are scared of it all and it continues. At some point someone will have to step up, or step in and clean Waterbury up and bring back it’s jobs and manufacturing base.  Hopefully it will be sooner than later, time shall tell!



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