Aging and my take on it!

     Aging is a fundamental fact for all of us who live long enough to do so, so to say. As you age you notice certain things and it happens no matter of race, color, creed or nationality. We all wrinkle, we all lose teeth, hair and want more peace and quiet, instead of interaction. We end up relaxing more, and being less social then most want us to be. The reason is easy folks as we age, our health goes, our beauty fades, our teeth fall out or become crowns and caps, we end up going from steaks to soup so to say, ever notice it?

    Aging is just a matter of fact for all living things, and no one has ever found the fountain of youth, have they/ Nope so, we all go thru life for only a certain amount of time according to living conditions, food and how we take care of ourselves. Now the real question for all of us is not when we will die, or how, but what we will leave behind when we leave. Do we want to leave a line to continue our family genes and names, or do we want to leave a legacy of something we wrote, built, invented, whatever it is we tend to try to always leave something behind to keep mankind going on the planet. So, as you age remember something along the way, keep the people you love close at all times, don’t burn bridges behind you, find a job or employment you love doing and stick to it, it pays off in the end. remember to tell family, wife, husband, son, daughter, parents you love them and make sure they know it.

One of the best things about being alive and aging is guiding those younger behind you, helping them to understand the world they live in so they can live healthy and in peace too. A child must learn to crawl before it walks, and a child has to know what to do and not do to risk there lives. We teach,we help, we assist and then we still watch our children and pray they have a full and long and healthy life. Outside influences do occur and some die, or end up sick or injured and yet we still care for them and keep them with us as long as possible, so it is all a part of life no one can deny.

Aging can not be denied, like real illness or real love, it just happens to you, and what most of do is fight illness, accept love, and move on as we age. When you stop and think about it, isn’t that enough to be grateful and say thanks for, we live!!!!!!!!!!!


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