September 2014 begins/ Battles/ Help?

     Welcome to September 2, 2014, the battles still rage across the world and we still want to police and defend other countries  and do what we can for everyone else but our own here in The United States.

      Americans wander the streets homeless, hungry and sick, and no one gives them a dime or helps them get warm when it gets cold and congress does nothing for our own, yet, they demand attention and military assistance for Afghanistan, Libya, Iran, Iraq, and Somalia, and many other damn countries, who don’t give two cents about us. We rushed in and rebuilt places like Japan for instance after we bombed them to hell in World War 2, and nowadays they under cut our car markets and computer markets.Yet not once when we have a hurricane, or tornados, or weather disaster has any other nation come to help us, when we were attacked on 9-11, not one country sent money or help to us, why? If you stop and think about what I am saying America, you will see, we are an island on out own here, with friends to the north in Canada and Mexico to our south filled with criminals and drug lords and gangsters these days. Our southern border they walk thru, ride thru or do whatever they can to get here the mexicans and then hide illegally here in America. No one is stopping them as we should.

         Final Cut for today: I am heading shortly back to the Veterans Hospital, here in Connecticut, in West haven to be exact. I have to have a cat scan to check my lungs for any more cancer and my body too. My breathing is harder these days and i huff and puff some now, after my lung cancer surgery. I don’t move as fast as I use dto, nor do I go as far as I used to anymore. Sadly, lung capacity is lower and I do struggle in high heat and humidity. Yet I go on and won’t surrender so god bless life, and living. God Bless America, The Land that I love, I gave 16 years to protect it and the people I love and loved and would never change a thing I did. Later folks!



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