Happy Labor Day/ Inflation/Races and Battles

Happy Labor Day to All Americans and Canadians!!!! May thos eof us who work and struggle to survive have a day of fun and rest today!

Labor Day should be a bigger celebration actually, because labor is what makes the world go around the people who work, strive and get things done, makes the world go around and the economy too. Sadly, it is getting to be less and less because the world’s economy is dying down and in Canada and America we have a problems creating jobs for people why?

Back in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s, we had thriving economies in both countries and in the world, why because we had inventive people, we had manufacturing everywhere and people had decent prices on food and clothing and gas so you could live back then. Amazing isn’t it folks how inflation comes along and raises prices but never lowers them.  Yet you paycheck never grows in accordance to the inflation rate does it?

I can remember when I paid a nickel for a comic book as a kid, today they cost 3.99 plus tax for one. I remember bread at .35 cents a loaf, and milk for .89 cents a half gallon, what has happened to us and the prices of everything. It is crazy is it not?

Here is something to consider folks, race vs. race battles why? I do understand the plight and burden of the African American race as well as the Hispanics, Asians and yes even us  Caucasians, in our ability to get along in life with one another. But I give you my solution folks to it all, color, race, nationality or religious beliefs, have nothing to do with getting along with each other, here is the bottom line we are humans , we all live and want to survive and raise our children and live decently, we all want education, medical coverage, insurance, a place to live and let live and in the end we all bleed and get hurt, our bones all break is beaten upon, our blood runs together on the streets and battlefields of the world, in the end we are all human being and just want respect and understanding. Compromise, learn each others cultures and lets get along!



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