Morning and Political Thoughts 2014 to 2016

    Good Morning World and America!

      Today is August 29th, 2014 and the end of another month is approaching for all. as Wars rage around the world the Russians move in on a take over of Ukraine it seems and no one is able to stop it. Sanctions can only hurt so much to Russia’s economy and Putin knows that, so he is determined in my mind to rebuild the USSR in anyway he can by annexing, or invading if necessary. He believes it should have never been disassembled at all and the Russian people need it back. Putin is not as hard to understand as people in politics think, he is playing it simple, one step at a time, annex the Crema and then Invade Ukraine and the other countries that broke from the USSR should be very aware he is coming for them too. He believe the USSR should have never been dismantled and wants it back so he can be a hero in all Russians eyes and for a power position is all. what he doesn’t understand is the world is watching his power grab and land grab and moving in a direction break him economically and more.  Putin back out of the Ukraine now, or you will face not just resistance from the United states and European Allies, but from many more world countries and destroy what is left of Russia by going too far. Why would the world stand by and allow Ukraine to fall to Russia and not react against Russia, believe me they will !

         Next Subject: As 2014 draws slowly to it’s end by entering it’s last quarter, thoughts abound on what will be coming next in America, as far as Politics go. The 2014 mid-term elections are coming folks, and I remind all, it is the Republicans and Tea Party members who shut down our government once already and will do so again if given the chance costing middle america more tax money they will have to pay in the end. I want to remind all, it is The Republican Party and Tea party who fought Obama Care instead of fixing it correctly. So when you vote this fall for Seats in The House and Senate midterms here, stop and think before you do, do you want a deadlocked Congress and Senate doing nothing to pass laws or bills or amendments, and collecting pay, or do you want a working Congress, if it is the latter, then vote out the Republicans and Tea party members who don’t work! If we the people are paying them, shouldn’t they do their damn jobs?

        Final Subject for Today: After November 2014 passes and Congress changes due to the people’s votes,we must all look ahead to the 2016 Presidential race coming up! I am sure to make matters as messy as possible, there will be many candidates running in all three parties to muddy the waters and sling attacks at each other. It will at first look like a line up from a Looney Tune Review of Cartoons in my opinion, and will slowly but surely be whittled down to a few by 2015’s spring. I want you all to think of this when you vote, which party is for the people, by the people and does the most for the people period. which party will create jobs, build the economy, handle war decisions best, improve Obama care for all and take care of you and I, no matter what color, race or origin? Which party will build factories, jobs and lower taxes, which candidate will have the best experience to lay back on and the resources and knowledge, to maintain and move ahead America in all areas. My Opinion is by now well known for I have said this before; get Hillary Rodham Clinton to run and get her elected as President. She has her own views, a independent mind and thinker she is, plus knowledge of world affairs, domestic affairs and a husband who has been there himself if she needs a new opinion. It’s called the best deal in the world, when you can have one President who has another as the First GentleMan of the country. The correct choice for America in 2016 is Hillary Rodham Clinton as President, she is knowledge, she is experience, she is guts and strong will and smart enough to ask for help when needed. VOte Hillary Rodham Clinton for President in 2016 and watch the country move forward to strength, health, good will and good standing in the world and watch the economy grow as she pushes for factories, jobs, and education. Vote Hillary Rodham Clinton in 2016 and lets make America’s first Female President be a good one!




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