2014 to 2015 and on to 2016 Elections

     2014 is slowly but surely moving along at a steady pace and we are about to enter the last quarter of it. September of 2014 will mark children back in schools, weather changes, and much, much more I am sure. Soon enough before we know it, 2015 will come about and another year will have gone by. Then in America we will be in a War on Isis and bombing in Syria at the same time we police and help protect Afghanistan, help in Iraq and Iran and fight ebola across the world. The resources of America are being spread too thin to encompass so much, isn’t it time to stop and take care of our own at home? I believe it is time to stop taking care of other nations and take care of our own at home here!

      America’s Economy is failing because the manufacturing base that we had since our early days is out of business basically. We need more manufacturing, more inventions, to keep our car companies we have and to reeducate the blue collar workers that need to go into white collar businesses and jobs. I know I sound like a broken record at times, but the truth is the truth America, we can’t keep spreading ourselves so thin and doing nothing fr our own here at home. We have Unemployed, Homeless, and Hungry here in the United States, yes we hide it well and Congress chooses to ignore it all, until it happens to one of them, but it is time for changes and we need Congress to get off it’s ass and do something.

       The biggest issues of the next American election will be Congress, both houses. The Senate and House need changed, we need a Congress and senate on the same page, to help americans. We can’t have filibustering, we can’t have attacks against Obama care still happening, we can’t afford infighting between parties so openly it is destroying the foundation of what Congress is for. we need people willing to compromise for the good of the people, the country and those of us who are hurting, wake up Washington and go back to the basics of America please, We the People, For The People and dedicated to the people ok.

         We need a President elected in 2016 with guts, a fighting spirit, knowledge and abilities, to control work with and compromise , one who can think on their feet and make important decision that favor the American People. We do need Hillary Rodham Clinton, for her experience, knowledge, education, and more will be vital till 2020. LOok you can say what you want, if you disagree with me, but in the end folks, Hillary Rodham Clinton, has a mind and a spirit that is all American and she would not take shit from anyone and i believe she will help the American poor and ill and homeless out of poverty by changing our Economic path in the world. Hillary is many things folks and hated by some Republican and Tea Partiers, in the end though who is better than her for the position of President of The United States?. One added factor here, we get Hillary, we get Bill as First man of the Country and his added experience to support his wife and advise her as she goes, not a bad deal you ask me!.





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