Blogs on Life/ Legal Issue Time/ Wars to FIght!

      Good Morning all! I have taken time to compile my blogs in a little book coming up for sale on Amazon e-books as soon as it is published by them. I figured some would like to see some of the topics an old Veteran like me, would talk about. So my wife took some and made a little book out or them on Create Space, I hope they will be enjoyed by all who read them. They are being called Blogs on Life folks, and I hope it sells some, but who the hell knows in todays world.

       As time continues on we all face health issues and more as we age, but legal issues few of us have to face in out later ages so to say. I tire of having to deal with ex-tenants who believe they can do what they want, no matter what. My wife is older than I and I am getting up in age and as a disabled veteran who has had cancer and my wife has too, we as a couple tire of having to deal with people who act their shoe size instead of their age. A thirty year old ex-roomer wants to terrorize us and make hang up calls to our home and then call back and talk to my elderly wife and bug her on the phone, after a judge lifted the restraining order we had on him and placed him under a court order to leave us along and our property too. So Tomorrow it is back to the Court House to see the Judge who put the court Order on him, so he can explain these phone calls to her. Some people never grow up and they want to be the tough guy, or gangster they dream of, and think they can get away with anything. That is what the courts and laws are for, I don’t care if he thinks he is an Albanian Gangster, Hoodlum or what he is, he will not terrorize us, period. Grow up!

       Final Subject for today; As America keeps wanting to police the world, we are about to enter a new battle with a new enemy we don’t need to fight, yet. Why do we continue to police other countries, yet, not take care of our own here at home? You want to fight a war?. Then take on the war against poverty, economic depression and lack of jobs here in America. You want a war, fight this one, and maybe we can create jobs instead of infighting in Congress, lets work together to increase health, and kill poverty in America. I tire of all the words on how there are no jobs, no manufacturing, and people on our streets who can’t eat or find a place to eat, lets help them before we help another country, wake the hell up congress and people. Time has come don’t you think, that we kill the homeless and starving problem in the greatest country in the world?





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