African Americans/Terrorists/Jobs

    African Americans it seems keep bringing up certain facts, of which no one disagrees, #1- They were slave sin America for a long while and suppressed and beaten and treated like animals. #2. they believe they are still mistreated and discriminated against today in America, again true for some but not all. #3 They don’t want to be called names like nigger, blackie or anything else that is demeaning to them. Very true and understood, by all, believe me. So what, am I trying to say here, well lets see, that all of this is wrong by the people who do it, very true. 

      But please explain some things to a white American walking the streets, #1- Why do African American try to intimidate and push around other races and colors, like they own the world. #2 Why do, African Americans, speak their own language in their own way then tell other races and colors  we can’t use the same slang or terms they do to describe themselves? #3 Why is it every time a African American child is killed and dies, they were god’s gift to the planet, a great child and educated and on their way to college and this and that, when it’s not true in all cases, including Micheal Brown Jrs.? #4 Who are African Americans to call a white cop a murderer and killer, when all the facts are not all in and the true story is not fully told yet, let the courts handle the matter. #4 What the hell is Thugafy and why was it invented in the Micheal Brown case by Sunny Hostin? #5 For Miss Sunny Hostin’s sake I will tell you the word thug has been used to describe , hoodlums, white, black, asian or any other nationality in history for ever. It was used way back in the 1950s to describe street thug that were white and now  it is used by you saying we are calling African Americans thugs, wrong, we are calling anyone who acts like a hoodlum, bum, thief or criminal a thug period, not African Americans as a race. Not everyone robbed a convenience store, pushed around the clerk and took something not theirs, but Micheal Brown JR. did, didn’t he? So lets talk the truth here and not lie and let the courts solve the matter and see what happens, we may find out, the Officer Darren Wilson only did his job and Micheal did bull rush him to get killed. common sense says to infuriate and incite people using words like murder, execution and killing in this case is wrong and inciting the public and making a racial problem out of what is really a legal matter to be handled by the courts, Judges and Lawyers.

        Next Subject: Across the world Americans are becoming targets for terrorist organizations, because we are still the strongest nation on the planet, because United We Stand is still our cry and motto. No American no matter what color, race, nationality wants terrorist, in our country, telling us what to do or suppressing or killing our families and persecuting us. On that point it matters not what color, race,nationality we are, first and foremost we are Americans and will not allow it here. We still do not belong, in other countries fighting wars and policing nations for them, no matter what anyone says. What we do belong doing is political support not military, it costs us too much, not only in personnel and money, but in time and reputation. I said this before and shall say it again here, did we not learn from both Korea and Vietnam, that policing a country is not our job or place to be? If not than America needs to learns and realize we can’t correct everyone or save everyone, we have to stay out. Lets solve America’s problems first here at home before we try to rescue anyone else please.

          Final Subject; Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, Economy, Economy, Economy! Lest face the problem of the unemployment rate in america head on. Across the country, the one problem for all is no jobs, no place to make money to pay their bills and a hard time surviving. We have homeless families on the streets, begging for a place to sleep, a place to eat and clothing and much more. Yet Congress, is doing nothing to help these folks or the average American on the street middle income and down. Why? The Rich keep getting richer, and the poor poorer, no one does a damn thing about it all. Sad isn’t it? When will Congress do what is necessary to bring back manufacturing in this country? Don’t they understand we have the ability to manufacture anything they want to and they should be encouraging it. drop the taxes and bring it back, help educate and invent new products and lets get the country back on it’s feet once more. America has the best blue collar workers to ever live in the world in it, yet no blue collar workspaces to put them in, because of the tax rates, fines and more. if you can’t reeducate the Blue collar worker to be white collar, then invent blue collar jobs and lets get this damn economy going once more.




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