Facing Facts/Legal vs. Illegal/Thugafy?

    Facing facts in life that will eventually get you in the end is not easy for many or for that fact for anyone. Life brings such events into all our lives each day we live at times. Some people accept and carry on and others try to fight it and die, trying. You can’t fight certain things in life, birth, death, taxes, pain, both emotional and physical, and finally, separations from those you love dearly due to facts beyond your control. All of this happens in a person’s lifetime and is important to note for all to see, before they hit these points in life. Children and young adults feel superior to everyone and like they can do anything in life they wish to do, until they run into injuries, mental problems, emotional problems, and money problems. It’s all a part of growing up in America and in the world isn’t it folks? We can’t protect our children forever and they will eventually leave the nest so to say and have to live on their own or with another human being, so all we can do is prepare them and protect them for so long and hope they are ready.

     Next Subject; The world is not a safe place for anyone! In America we have crazy killers, emotionally disturb and mentally ill individuals and much much more like crazy cops, no one is completely stable. A point was made to me the other day as I watched the mess in Ferguson, occur and blow up on television. The police are just the otherside of the coin from these criminals and hoodlums, gangsters and gangs, as well as these thugs. The difference is they are given a license and a gun to use if needed. The opinions are the same on both sides of the legal and nonlegal communities, and it’s that they all want to be in charge and feel powerful.

       Final Thought for Today: I was watching CNN’s coverage of the Micheal Brown Jr. case where an officer of the Ferguson Police force shot and killed him. During that coverage, I kept hearing how America has thugafied !   What the hell is thugafied and why is it being used? To the commentators on these news shows I want to point out something about this, the black commentators want to use this term to described what white Americans are calling their black children who do wrong, wrong folks! No White commentator invented this word, it didn’t come into existence from a white population making it up and show up on television through the caucasian population pointed at the African America Population, it came from the African American Population period.  I hear  black commentators, and entertainers using it, just like they run around calling each other nigers, why?  No one thugafied Micheal Brown Jr., he ruined his own reputation when he stole from a store and pushed around the clerk before getting shot by the Officer.  It’s all on film for all to see in the videos shown, as sad as it seems it is true. Sunny, Donna, and others like Don Lemon want so hard to defend the black population on this point and hold the side of Micheal Brown Jr.s family up, for all to see and grieve with them they are doing more damgage than good, using words, like murder, killing, thugafied , all are inflammatory terms to angry the public and they should not be used in this case on Television. The case is a simple one, did the Officer shoot Micheal Brown Jr out of fear for his own life or did he overeact? This is not a Black Vs. White matter, it is not a racial problem, it’s a legal one to be solved by the courts and a jury, not by inflammed and angry newscaster or commentators.!



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