Dreams come and go and some stick they say! I had dreams as a child that would steer me away from thing that would cause my death if they happened to me for real. I had dreams of me falling into an endless pit, or or a cliff, or drowning in the mighty depths of the oceans. I Avoided them all by listening to my dreams and remembering them the next day and avoiding it all. Is this really possible, yes it is folks I am alive to tell of it.  Many will say I am full of it, it is impossible to be true, yet I have lived thru it all and still survive today.

      Dreams told me of my stepfather’s death, of my mother’s death and so much more. They told me , these dreams,I would be put away for a few years and The Children Center became a reality.  I spent two years in there and would dream each night of peace, a meadow a place to love in and live in without fear or harm coming at me. I spent two years in The Center and saw many kids come and go and live and die and more in there and avoided it all because I saw events coming at me in my dreams and avoided them each day. Not easy to do but I could remember my dreams the next morning and know when something matched my dreams and avoid, avoid, avoid. I am here today because I did so and I am glad I had that ability back then.

       Yet as you get older, you lose the ability and such happened to me over the years, especially when I graduated Elementary School at age 14. The dreams started to disappear and I struggled on with out them for two years or so, it was like a blackout had occurred in my mind and I was wandering blindly. But they came back in about two years after we switched towns we lived in and i met new people and made friends and  more. It seems they cam back only for a brief period of time and then died out again, and I ended up struggling thru to the service years, wandering thru High School and my teen years.

        I foresaw, people getting married and divorced, dying, lovers getting together and births. All before my military years began at 24, and then in the military I foresaw accidents on ships and on shore stations, jobs i would fill as a sailor and more. It was as if my dreams would drive my life right along the right track I needed.

        Then in 1982 three events changed my life and the dreams stopping was the first one. Then  My first daughter was born, and finally I fell aboard ship down 24 steel rungs on a ship due to lube oil. My back went wacky, my discs went herniated and the deterioration of my spine and life started. sadly you can’t predicate such events as a fall when your overtired and can’t sleep never mind dream, so you lose out on the visions I had for years. It all disappeared on me then, but it does happen folks, your dreams can foretell your future and help ya survive if you can contain and hold the images or thoughts from them.

          As I tried to tell my PTSD Doctor at The Veteran’s Hospital here, my dreams stopped way back then aboard that ship. And I wandered without them slowly meandering my way through a Navy career that would total 12 years and giving me 16 years total service years.Then suddenly the nightmares started from my childhood, from the navy and army and more. Violence everywhere and a struggle to control my fears and angers came up. It took medication to kill the nightmares I had, medication and talking it out with whomever i could. I now have no more dreams of nightmares left the medication doesn’t let me dream anymore, so I survive well.  I use to wake in the middle of the night frozen in fear, unable to breathe, or jump out of bed to my feet suddenly or swing wildly all in my sleep. The Medications have stopped that folks, and taken away my dreams of the future and of things to avoid in life. Amazingly, I still survive it all even now after lung cancer and surgery so, the dreams weren’t there to tell me what was coming, yet I survived so I consider myself lucky. So if you dream folks, listen to your dreams and understand they can indeed be showing you your future and things to avoid!!




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