Honesty/ Serving/Micheal Brown Jr. case/Ferguson, Mo.

    Honesty, is the best policy, I was told that from the first time i could understand it till the day I left home to join the service. But while honesty is the best policy so are morals, ethic, common sense and logic. There comes a time when it is best to just stay quiet instead of  speak, when it is better to leave than stay, when it is better to give up and surrender than fight on.  What you say would prove these points, simply, America’s involvement in Korea, and Vietnam, wars we had no business in and we lost many honorable people in. sadly America  keeps playing police force to other countries in the middle east and else where, we never learn our lesson it seems. Screw politics folks, lets think of the men and women who serve to protect and defend their country only to end up dead on others soil. It has to end soon American Volunteer to serve their country and end up dying in someone elses country and dragged home in a box, sad isn’t it?

      As a Disabled Veteran, who served 16 years total between three branches of service i know what I am talking about. I served U.S. Army, U.S. Army National Guard and then U. S. Navy, I did as I was told and served honorably, only to be injured aboard a ship, and then transferred to a Naval Hospital in Germany and diagnosed with six herniated discs in my spine and then fighting to stay in for years before they put me out.  I am now a Disabled Veteran with a degenerating spine, PTSD, Depression, sleep apnea and so much more,  I awake in the middle of the night screaming in my sleep and jumping up at time. Yet I believe in America, I believe in serving my country and defending it, and I didn’t do it for me, I did it to defend and protect the ones I love here at home in America my family, friends and those I love. So, don’t tell me about, the United States needing Americans to serve I did it. What is sad is the state of the American People and the country I love when I see these protests an, with screaming, throwing of cocktails and bottles and more in Ferguson, Mo. Why folks, I understand the parents of Micheal Brown grieve their son and his death at the hands of a Police Officer and I empathize with them in every way, but these demonstrations and protests are far out of hand. No looting of stores and buildings are needed, no breaking of glass or fighting with police is necessary, You all have made your point now, the law and enforcement organizations are now involved and investigating it all. Isn’t it time to stop and let justice and it’s wheels start working to get to the truth?



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