Micheal Brown Jr. Situation/ American downfall?Wars/Politics/ Earth

    Welcome to Modern America where we kill ourselves over a single person being shot to death in an event that was an accident now being turned into murder. The Truth is Micheal Brown Jr. was killed by a police officer who did so out of duty and fear for his own safety. In the end he was an 18 year old young man in the wrong place, and he worked so hard to correct himself so he could go to Technical College, that somehow he himself got scared and went off the rails and robbed a store. Come on folks, I appreciate the fact his relatives, family and friends are mourning him and we all would mourn anyone in our own family who died period, but to go to the lengths of protesting and raise hell and fighting with peace officer and National Guardsmen over it, it’s too much. The point is this folks, and this goes out to all involved in the situation,by protesting and making confrontations with both National Guard and Police, you are making matters worse, we have laws in this country, that can be applied to this case to find the truth. We don’t need to carry it to a point where it backfires on you, so be careful is all I can say. I believe in your right to protest, I believe in freedom of speech as you can tell from my blogs and stories and poems, but what I don’t believe in is going so far as you face being arrested or hurt, or you just make the situation worse instead of better. I say this because i served in The National Guard and The Military and I am a citizen of these United States and i firmly believe in the right we are given under the constitution, but, there comes a time when a protest gets out of hand and breeches the rights of others too and causes more damage than it does good!

    Each day I wake up in America and wonder how long we shall survive as one of the greatest civilizations of the world. The Mayas, The Incas, The Amazons, thE american Indians and much much more died out by burning itself out. The Roman dynasty and the Chinese ones died out too by being too greedy and uncaring that they overlooked the fact they were not super. Is America in danger of this now? I am beginning to believe so! we have scaled the heights of world civilizations, the real question now is will we crumble and fall apart  like those before us or remain intact and show the world Democracy is the way to go? That will determine how America stands or falls in the near future, compromise, caring, and laws to protect all come into the fray and hopefully will help save the Greatest nation on The Planet right now. as we carry on these events like the Michael Brown Jr. Case and others, are ripping at the fabric of American Society, and causing inter-racial problems where there should be none. Would the same thing be happening if this were a white boy, and a black cop? Would  the Whites be protesting in the streets and doing what the blacks are? And why does this have to be a racial thing when in fact it isn’t a racial thing, it’s an accident that Micheal Brown Jr. was killed and we all empathize with the Brown family no matter skin color or national backgrounds.  yet, in the end if this is pushed and pushed and pushed it can explode into what America does not need again, another civil war, this time between races and we will kill each other off and lose in the end. So lets all take a step back and use the courts the laws and our heads for more than hat racks and solve this in a civil way in the courts before Judges and within laws. Thank You!

       Anyway next: as the world continues on, wars rage in the Middle East, africa and else where, we watch the issues and learn from them and hope we do not become involved in other nations worries and wars anymore. Americans have died across the globe in many different countries from the day we became a nation till today even, helping others, and fighting and policing events and countries we have no business in. We can’t do it anymore America, we can’t give assistance to everyone, nor can we police the world and make it all democratic, nor can we  take on the world’s problems! america is suffering through it’s own problems of lack of employment, a sorry Economy and political problems of it’s own in our House and Senate.We need to look at our own and straighten it out before we go any further, we can’t help others if we can’t help ourselves can we? We need to make Congress work again, so they can create jobs, stimulate our economy and pass laws that work for all involved. Immigration is an issue Congress should face quickly, and create laws and regulation and requirements for it all. Lets go damn it Congress ya beginning to suck with your game of stalemate the President, your being assholes. Wake the hell up or get the hell out of office! 

            America has now three Political Parties  in power, the Democrats, The Republicans and now The Tea Party folks. The problem is none of  them see eye to eye or are will to compromise for the good of the people, they just want to kill each other off. Sad isn’t it, instead of putting your party banner up and screaming against every other party, why don’t ya lay down the damn signs and learn to work together for the good of the American nation and it’s people? Not a bad damn suggestion huh?

         My final push here today is for peace on the planet, the destruction and elimination of a race, or religion, or colors or nationality should be the further thing from any humans mind. You all want to worry about something, use all the anger, energy and strength to fight, to save the atmosphere and planet you live on on! You will sooner or later folks, use us the resources this planet has and it will become a dead husk of a planet on which no life can live, unless we learn to replenish it and take care of it. And it won’t matter what human being you are of what race, nationality, color or religious or ethical and moral backgrounds, you will die off from lack of atmosphere and resources to drink and eat. So all should begin to act now to do the best you can to save Mother Earth and Humanity as a whole!







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