Differences where?/ Micheal Brown Jr./ 2016 and Hillary!

     Good day america, as we start a Monday and a new week we have so many things happening in the world it is hard to discuss what is really important to everyone in one blog. The truth is the world is slowly killing itself off because of mistrust, anger and obsessive behaviors by so many. People tend to never forget it seems, the Jews and Germans, The Jews and Arabs, Black versus white, Yellow vs. brown and more. All a sad statement on the state of humanity as a whole if you ask me. Why, can’t everyone just realize, we are all human beings with flaws and problems and we all make mistakes. Why do we persecute and damn those with different beliefs, color of skin or nationality? Because we are over ignorant of the fact that we are all the same under the skin and as humans we all hurt, we all bleed, we all have emotional and mental problems and we all want peace. Listen up world, and people don’t you think it is time we all stopped killing each other over what we believe or don’t believe and allow each other to live and let live? sadly, no one on the planet seems to get it, humanity is the race, not African American, African, German, Jewish, Catholic, Protestant or anything else white or brown, or black or yellow, none of it matters, if mankind doesn’t get along and try to survive together, we will all die!

      Next Subject, The Michael Brown Jr. incident and his death. While I agree the boy was a boy and tried to surrender, and the officer is  and was wrong in firing 6 or 7 shots and killing him, are we going about solving the issue in a correct manner or, in a manner harmful to many more issues, than just his death. If the protests are not held peaceful and they erupt into chaos we put ourselves open to racial wars in the United States I for one know I would not one to happen in America, and i don’t think anyone with a mind that works properly would one one either, we would kill off  each other so quickly and be a society filled with weapons and more in no time. We need to calm it all down and examine it fully, then make responsible decisions on how to handle it properly. The Officer who did the shooting needs a chance to explain it in a court of law, he needs arrested and protected until it is over too. The witnesses who were there and saw it all need to be brought to court also, and we need to hear the honest truth of what happened that day. If it is judged the Officer acted wrong then he will have to suffer the consequences for what he did. But it must be done in lawful way in a democratic society. we can solve it folks if the truth is all told.

         Third Subject, Wars: Wars rage across the planet in many places these days, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Africa, and other places for instance. The real question is does it have to be that way? No folks, bitter rivalries, set aside all of it can be solved in a peaceful manner if we try hard enough. We can’t get rid of all terrorist organizations, for they will keep popping up no matter what we do. But we can isolate them, cut them off from society and the world in such a way as embargoes,sanctions, and more. we should starve them off and watch them wither away in the deserts and hills they hide in. We don’t need to fight with them and battle them everywhere, for the more you battle and fight them, the more they grow and the angrier they get at the world. Why, let them grow at the price of  our freedoms and peace, let them fight one another I say and leave us the hell out of it.  America, can not and should not be policing the world and every country or organization out there. We can’t do it folks, didn’t we learn from Korea, Vietnam, that we spread ourselves too thin trying to do this and we lose in the end in men, money and weapons. Leave it be, let these nations police themselves and lets get the hell out of it all. I don’t care what American Foreign services say, we are not the world’s police force and can’t be! 

           Final subject for today, before 2016 hits many politicians shall be trying to position themselves for the Presidential election. I am sure we will get Democrats, Republicans and Tea Party Candidates. As they come out and announce themselves, be prepared for some words of wit, which will amount to shit! Also be prepared for some serious candidates and some not so serious ones. In Picking your next President I can give the country a little advice as I see it. Stop and study what they are saying, stop and choose character, strength, honesty and truth for the office, plus someone with experience to fill the many roles a President has to do. A Commander in Chief must stand tall, be strong and make good decisions for our military and the country. They must have a domestic program that will help the economy and medical programs too. They must leave Social Security in Place and help the Veterans, they must look out for the poor and make the rich pay more in taxes than they are now. They must know the American People need a leader who can create jobs, push education, forge forward in life and make life a little easier for all, not just the damn rich. I wish I was a Harvard Graduate or a Yale one or some other big fancy college and had a law degree, for if I did I would run and tell the country the truth for a change. We are destroying ourselves, here in America as well as across the planet, we are promoting global destruction, destroying our own atmosphere and burning up the natural supplies the earth provides us, to live on. Wake up people the world only has so many resources left on it and in it. we burn em up at a faster rate than the planet can recreate them, sooner or later we shall be eating one another to stay alive and kill ourselves off. Before you laugh at me and what i am saying take a better look folks, it is happening. In the end let me say this to all who will vote in 2016 for the next American President,  we need caring, determined and honest, we need experience, we need logic and common sense and in the end it doesn’t matter if it is male, or female, it doesn’t matter if it is black, white, yellow or brown, it does matter that whoever it is, is in touch with the American Dream and the American people’s will to be the best we can be. In my opinion Hillary Rodham Clinton should be America’s choice, she has been there and fought in courts, in congress and as Secretary of State. She has compassion, strength and is honest and in the end, is the best qualified person for the job.




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