Child Rearing/ Discipline/Mideast/Ferguson, MI.

     The old days of hitting your children went out in the 1980’s when Bill Cosby got his show The Cosby Show. He sat in television teaching parents how to teach their kids without spankings or yelling or hitting them. The bottom line is while that worked on television, in real life it does, for spare the rod, spoil the child comes into effect in real life. It’s sad but true, what I call The Cosby Syndrome is now prevalent in American Society and causing more problems than it is worth. The children of the 1980s and 1990s are todays problem people in the world, they had no discipline of any physical nature and believe they can do whatever they want to whomever they want and get away with it all. Bullshit folks i am not allowing it near me. I feel sad, that America had two decades of child rearing based on the no hit, no discipline style Bill Cosby came up with, it changed American Society in the wrong direction. The permissive style and the easy going manner does not work with every child.

       Next subject; Unrest in the Middle East is out of control, the last time a nation of group tried to wipe out a race, was the Germans in World War 2 and Hitlers attacks on Jews. Sadly we still have meglamad people in the world who believe they are right and everyone else is wrong. Isis is such a group bent on destroying a race, and threatening everyone they can with violence and take over. They will never get there of course but they do exist and Americans know it just as well as everyone else. Sadly, though it is happening in the middle east, the birth basin of religions of the world and it should be stopped. But, America can not police the world, it isn’t our job and we can’t afford it either. Nato should get involved and so should the European Union in all ways. For it is on their continent not ours. I agree it should be stopped by why America, we have no business being there!

           Ferguson, is my final subject for today! Civil unrest, battles between town citizens and police of all types is no good for no one and will accomplish nothing in the case. A young man died because he didn’t listen and resisted arrest ,after he robbed a convenience store. The tape shows how he strongs armed the clerk and took the cigars and left on his own. I am sure the Officer who shot him also told him to get out of the middle of the street and received a radio message describing the theft and person who did it. The only real problem here is the number of shots the officer used to take the boy down. Other than that which is an internal police matter now and the cop will have to explain his actions I am sure, why all the protests and rage over it all? People please listen to me, to rage, wreck, ruin and protest over one kids death is wrong, it happens to all races across the world everyday. Lets stop the protests and acting like someone took your birthdays away and calm the hell down. The basic truth is if the boy didn’t rob the store and walk out, he would never have been shot and killed. I don’t want to hear anymore about his, Mark brown’s reputation, was besmirched either, the kid besmirched his own reputation when he robbed the store. Sadly the facts are the facts, so people calm down and let them come out at their own pace and in time. The truth shall win out period.








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