1960’s children vs. todays, so to say!

     Hello America and The World! You all don’t know me or where I live or where I came from, but you do know and understand some of my thoughts and ideas and advice for others. I write poetry,stories and small books and even during my lifetime have written editorials for papers and much more. I walk among you, watching, listening, to events in the world, neighborhoods, churches and much more, I observed then, devour and give back the opinions I can in many forms. I am your average American, I grew up in the 1960’s, the wild era when drugs were running free more than today, where music roared all rock and roll, and politics had real heros.

       I grew up in an era when mom said do it ya did, no sassing her, or dad came up stairs at night and dragged ya from bed and beat your ass, till ya learned to listen. Back when no child got divorced from their parents or complained and took what they had coming because they knew they did wrong. back when dads taught ya to do carpentry, auto, mechanics, masonry and so much more and mom did the laundry, cooked and cleaned house. There was no bullshit like today, and our parents knew where we were and that we were coming home each night. It was a world of discipline and permissiveness all rolled into one, yet we turned out to be todays, senior generation who can see the truth. They all said in the sixties we wouldn’t survive, we would kill ourselves off, or end up as jailbirds, funny how that didn’t happen, many became business people, teachers, lawyers and so much more including politicians crazy huh?

        Today, we walk the earth as grandparents, our own children grown and doing their own things. Amazingly, many of us didn’t do what our parents did in raising us, we didn’t beat our children, wash their mouths out with soap and do cruel and unusual things to them. Yet we maintained discipline over our children and taught them morals, ethic and manners, why is that? It’s easy folks, it was passed from the prior generation down to us, that our children are our promise and our problems if we don’t raise them correctly. We learned because our parents didn’t leave us a choice, as they would say it was their way or the highway, so to say.

          Believe it or not, our parents were correct, when they steered us away from bad crowds, guns, and drugs and for some even rock and roll. or like many parents back then learned from their parents responsibility for a child’s actions belongs to the parents, not the child until they are old enough to know the difference. back in the 1960’s a parent didn’t shuffle their child off to the government unless it was out of desperation at the time. They solved problems at home with the old rules, of spare the rod, spoil the child and it worked. And no they didn’t beat their kids in public and air their dirty laundry on the streets either, they handled it all in the home. Parents were parents and families were solid units that survived. Ever wonder what happened to today’s generations now running the streets? I do!

           The sad thing is to see people 30 to 35 years old who have never left mom and dads home and have to live there because they can’t get along anywhere else. They were given too much and had the world handed to them as a child and all they had to do was ask and poof it was there. Then, like what happened in my home happens, they try to move from moms and dads and have no skills to socialize with others, and they steal and act out in anger and then end right back where they started from, mom and dads basement. These spoiled brats and hoodlums, are not really responsible for their action or ways of thinking, their parents made them that way.And now that they have been protected and not taught to interact with humanity and society as a whole, they believe they may do as they please no matter what, who they may hurt or destroy and get away with it. Sadly, that is not the case folks, unless you allow them to, stop em when you see it, turn them in if they get out of hand and shun then if they continue and give them back to the parents who created them, let them retrain their child, for entry in human society like they were supposed to do in the first place. Don’t try to push the child out of the nest and get rid of the problem just because you want privacy with your wife or husband, when they are not trained to act normal. They are still your child, teach, train and make them earn their way, instead of them blaming society for their errors and mistakes. make them understand they are the ones responsible for their own actions, let them take the fall if they screw up and learn.

          Is what I am saying tough love? Maybe but in the end there comes a time when we all must learn to stand on our own feet and make it. Birds get pushed from their nests and taught to fly or die, the same should be good enough for humans too.


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