The Human Mind and Depression

     The Human Mind and Depression-

The human mind is a delicate piece of the human anatomy that can be shaped by the social pressures of family, friends,loves, loses and much more.It also holds a delicate chemical balance in it so we remain sane and stable, if any of the above items go out of sync so to say the human mind become unstable and mean or sad events can happen to the person whose brain it is and to the family and friends of those around that same person.

I am not Doctor Phil, or any other Doctor of the psychological profession or even the sociological profession I am an ordinary american who has lived with and through depression from childhood till today at 58 years old so i understand it well. The ups and downs of the human mind and it’s delicate balance towards normalcy can be tipped by events, chemical imbalance in the mind, events in life, the death of a loved one, or the lose of love period or rejection by those you thought loved you. Almost anything that, does not fit the human mind current perception of reality can tip the scales and drive one to insanity or depression.

If it is a chemical imbalance it can be treated with drugs and prescriptions and medical help period .But if it is caused by family pressure, social pressure or or rejection of any nature, then the problem is harder to diagnose or care for. Society as a whole is a cruel and dangerous place for the human mind to be in. It can get damaged by other minds, physical torture or abuse and so much more. The question is how does mankind protect itself from these problems of a mental or brain nature?

We should start at our birth parents and the delicate balance of the family unit is vital. Secondly sibling rivalries have to be controlled so no child who is bigger physically or smarter mentally , can damage a lesser child in these areas and they weaker ones can grow and achieve also.  Thirdly as many parents know as a child grows,  they must be guided towards decent people with character and of a equal or better social status. Then you have to watch what they watch and listen to, the video game dilemma come into play, what they read or don’t read and in the end what or how they play and with whom. The world ladies and gentlemen is a very dangerous place for a young mind and child, they can be destroyed by a society, a climate, or outside influences so be careful.

For many depression starts at home, when one parent or both parent favors one child over another or all the others. Or when one child is abused because they look like one parent, and not the other, or because a divorce has occurred. These children turn inwards and hide and avoid the public and others, and they experiment more on their own because they are rejected by others. The bottom line is they feel they can’t fit in, it is at this point they reach out for help in one way or another. Either to friends, or to the wrong friends and alcohol and drugs, or they withdraw so far inwards they are never to come out of the shells they live in. It makes them unacceptable by societies rules, regulations and norms and makes them outcasts struggling for personal identity they can not seem to find and latch onto. sadly, we have many of these in our world, Charles manson, Squeeky Fromme, and many who become murderers and sociological outcasts and dangers to society as a whole.  Can we change this, I think we can change a lot of it, but to overcome the whole, we would have to stop unbalanced minds and people from having children of their own to destroy, we can’t so we deal with it all through, rejection, avoidance, and outcasting of the ones who don’t fit the mold. Sad isn’t it, but true!

Before we start to examine why Robin Williams committed suicide or why Charles manson is mad, or anyone else has problems we all need to remember one thing, we are human beings, made in the image of our God so to say, yet not all of us are perfect nor will we ever be, no one is. We have to find better ways to prevent the social problems at least and lower the number of mental problems and depression one step at a time starting with the family unit and expanding outward from there, from birth on. I am no doctor as I said, nor am I some genius or mental might with all the answers, but I am a survivor of Attention deficit disorder, hyper-activity, depression, PTSD and a life filled with destructive memories from a family of horrors as a child. So I think in closing the discussion, I have every right to tell the world, we need to help stop all of this that happens to all.




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