Depression, Robin Williams/ Life

     Depression is now the biggest topic since Robin William’s Suicide happened. Before his doing so, depression was more or less a subject avoided by many people  across the world. The Question always comes up in any discussion of his suicide, how could a man with such a life and comic and acting ability kill himself and for what reason? The answer lies not in his public persona, but in his private persona buried within him. A Bad childhood, a rejections, a chemical imbalance in the brain all are causes of this, but so are outside societal pressures. To fit in, to stand out, expectations etc,. it all pressures an individual beyond compare. Mr. williams had to live up to expectations as an actor, comic, father, husband and a public figure while suffering from depression and thoughts of killing himself. For a man so talented it must have been one hell of a struggle for all the years he stayed on top in the entertainment business. 

       While Robin Williams, is one example of a suicide and mental illness case, so many suffer from depression in the world the numbers are astounding. We can help those who have depression due to chemical imbalance, with prescription drugs and doctors. But there are other reasons for depression in human beings. Family pressures and rejection, peer pressure, are two of those reasons. Then you have the third reason, people are just mean to people and put people down and pick on them because they are physically or mentally different then them. All of these above are sad and happen daily in the world to many people. depression holds people back, it kills and it can spread genetically too.

        As a survivor of cancer and PTSD as a Disabled Veteran I know depression in many ways and have lived through it in childhood and adulthood aboard naval ships. I knew what it is like to be rejected as a child and pushed around I had attention deficit and hyper activity, so I was  rejected in my elementary school years by my fellow students and family and kids in my neighborhood too. I knew depression at a young age of 8 when I was put away in an Institution for two years and thought of killing myself many times. But I survived it all, by not surrendering.

         I survived depression in my military years sitting aboard a ship in the Navy staring at Boiler fires on a Burner front. I survived thought onboard ships by writing letters to captains of those ships and telling them. Yet they never found me and couldn’t on a ship with 350 men or more. Yet I let it out in those letters and survived, in many ways to become a better sailor.

          I survived periods of depression after my military career ended from a fall aboard ship, giving me six herniated discs in my back and limited mobility. I survived it when the Navy discharged me for the same injuries after I fought for seven years to stay in. Sadly, I couldn’t save that career or the marriage that went with it. But I found a way to save myself using others to talk to and hang out with, who helped one another. So you can see I have a history of depression and I live on daily pills to control me and my dreams of my past. Then when I see someone so famous as Robin Williams kill himself I begin to wonder what I saved myself for, in the end I look at photos of my wife and I, and my children and grandchildren and they keep me alive. In the end when all you have to live for is those you love, you know you don’t value yourself much anymore, so you hang on to them

        We do not know all the causes of depression, we do not know the magic cures either, but what we do know is we care and hope we can prevent further deaths by discussing it all!



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