How Many Loves?/ Wars Everywhere/Writings

u      Looking back over life and relationships I have had that lasted it seems to me, all had one thing in common, common enjoyment of the moments I was with the female I was with. Not all, stayed the same over time and some have changed so much, including me, it is great to have memories of my younger days.

        I loved at a young age, but I also learned at a young age not all are who they appear to be, in all ways Boys grow and mature at a slower rate then girls as we all know, and even from the first moment a boy and girl meet till they grow apart the girl is always in control, for they have the right of choice as the female of the two.

         Someone asked me one day can you name all the girls you loved at one time or another and how many were there.Well, to them I give the following answer, they are as follows in the order I met them, and if for some reason you are one of them, and didn’t realize it, you will now.

          In my elementary school days I fantasized over one girl named Mary, yet never approached or said a word to her, but watched her from afar. Was it love, nope it was fantasizing period. So there was no involvement just thoughts.

           My High School days were split between two schools in different towns. It was in the second town I met the second girl who interested me, Bettidean was her name, full of smiles and laughter and always fun. we talked, we walked, we laughed , we hugged and yes I even kissed her one time. But we never did anything more together except become friends.

            The third girl was Marria her sister who I was madly in love with in my teen years in high school and who I saw on and off for two years until we split. Intelligent, pretty, full of laughter and spirit and one of the best people I ever knew. But the fates would drive us apart as we aged and I went in one direction and she in another. And I still to this day would never hurt Marria or any of the girls I knew .

              It would be many years after Marria, befores I got involved with any female again, 1973 to 1979 to be precise. Six years would pass as I wandered alone trying to get my bearings and entered the Navy. I found my first wife in The Navy and married her and the relationship produced two of everything we had, two daughters, two cars, homes and more, yet it fell apart too because of my failure to see beyond the end of my nose at the truth. her family destroyed her and I tried to help and rebuild her and got shafted in the end.  Joann and I split, I would move on once more.

             Then, from 1990 to 1993 I dated one woman, and she left and then I met my second wife whom I love dearly and we have now been together over 21 years and married 14. we have been through financial crises, health crises , and so much more, always by one another’s side and caring. we have gone through homes and bills, medical things like cancer her first then I , and we are still together and I won’t walk away and neither will she. We compromise, we sacrifice and we survive as one and that is what marriage is folks. Melinda is my life and I love her for it!

               So when, I see old friends wandering about, or get asked how many woman I have gone through in my life I tell them I can count them on one hand folks, and it’s the truth in my mind and heart.I went from Mary, to Bettidean, to Marria, to Joann, and now Melinda and that is the number folks, for those asking. Total 5, that I really got involved with and loved period. Sorry there are no dozens as I was accused of just 5.

                Next Subject: The world at war is getting crazier by the minute, Jews fighting Palestinians, Battles in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and now Ukraine and Russia at it too. Then all the weaker countries in these battle look to America for help to stabilize their countries and to beat the opponents. I wish to tell the world America is not your father, your mother, your savior anymore, we can’t keep doing this for other countries We come over police the country and try to help them set up a government and we fail. We the Americans do not fully understand the culture and ways of these Mid-East Nations, nor do we belong in their battles and fights. we can not keep policing nations, haven’t we learned that yet, look what happened to us in  Korea and Vietnam, we lost more people money and time then ever before and got no where with it. we are foolish to think these nations will follow us just because we tell them how or why, they won’t they do what they want period.

                Final Subject for Today: I write because I can’t do much else due to physical ailments, I got in my service years. MY back has six herniated discs in it, I suffer from sleep apnea, Depression, PTSD, and try to survive each day after cancer surgery September 4, 2013, and carry on. My writings are not meant to anger anyone, but to tell stories from different parts of my life Lived thru to make a few bucks to survive on. When you have injuries and disabilities you tend to hope for the best and do what you can to survive is all I am saying. I write many things and try to sell them to pay the bills and to eat and dress as a human being and keep us going as a married couple. Some are made up, some are real and some are combination of made up and real, made to hopefully sell on Amazon’s Kindle E- Books. I hope they sell but what do I know right, I can only try! My stories/ little books can be found on Amazon’s KIndle E-Books if anyone wants to help me out, under my name William. M. McCurrach. Thanks for reading.





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