Wars/ Ebola/Economy//Video Games/Writings

As the world turns today, wars grow bigger, more people die and more foolish acts are happening. we have Mid -East crises everywhere, we have an Ebola OutBreak and Economic and political mess all over the world, why?

As people die from Ebola, a serum surfaces to save two Americans who contacted it, more soldiers and civilians die in the Mideast. And in the end people get hurt and die. sadly, we can’t control everything can we folks? Yet, many think America is the answer to all their problems and we are not.

People tend to blame The president for the Economy not moving in America, false folks, talk to Congress, yes the Senate and House. They haven’t done their job since the first year of Obama’s Presidency. They shut down because he won the election period. I know, I know some will say I am full of shit for what I am about to say, but the truths are the truths. Obama is a black man and no one wanted him elected who was white in Congress. They block all efforts of his in all areas and want him to go down a failure as  President. His Health care act disturbs them and they don’t want it around and scream it is helping no one, all lies. many benefit from that law. Elderly, babies, women and even men all benefit from a law that saves them money and gets them prescriptions and care. So why fight it, easy folks it came from a black american president is why, and instead of fixing what may be wrong with it, they prefer to try to destroy it.They ARE Wrong folks!

Next Subject: Video gaming and it’s power over the young minds in the world. Video games invented for Computers, Tablets, X-Box and Playstation Consoles and more, teach violence to our children and teach them actions they should not do. It creates fat children who rebel against the machines or games being taken away from them and they believe they can do in real life what is being done in the games. Again, it is a dangerous thing to teach kids to point guns at targets, run cars at high speeds, and attack people and steal in video games as much as it is to teach them these things in real life. Kids only do what they are taught to do, and don’t know any better, until one day they are suddenly killed, drugged, or end up in a jail cell because they all thought it was fine to do and isn’t under the laws of man, State and country and the moral and ethical standards of humanity. Sad huh, but true!

FInal Subject:  My writings, books,poems are all on Amazon’s Kindle E-books for sale and very affordable. I shall list them here for all to see and hopefully I may get some sales, I can use some help folks, I am a Disabled American Veteran who served 16 years and have a very limited income. So Please check them out: Blurred Visions

The Disease

Blackness In Alaska

Men Do Cry

Hanging in Dealy Plaza


The Project Murders

TIck Tock The Infernal Clock

Fishing Days with Dad

Abraham, A Man of Contradictions

My Maria

Rusty The Beagle

Angie’s Folly

Three Mandolin Murder Mysteries in One

Wails of an Attention Deficit and Hyper Active Child

Three Navy Stories

Three Amigos

Passing on……………….

God Damn It!

Women Are in Charge

Why Hide It?

The Poems of W.M.M

National Guard Heros

The Holy Land Murder

Romance, Sex and Fools

What Really Happened to Alex

Unattainable Love

The Northern Woods Murders


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