My Writings and Blogs and E-Books

   Over time and the last few years I have accumulated many writings and blogs online and in my own, personal computer here at home. Some I began posting on Watt Pad many years ago now and some I have made into e-Books on Amazon’s E-Book and Create a Book.

     My writings or stories or little books i did express things that had happened in my own life, or  that have occurred around me to those i love or loved, or family of course.

     The Idea at first was to write down my feelings about events in my life and how they happened or what was personally wrong with me and my fitting into the American Society as a whole. as I grew and wrote more I began to realize and understand I was amassing many stories and poems and more. Political Ideas, thoughts, and subjects many seem ed to understand and agree or disagree with. All was goof for my mental, emotional and physical health actually and today I still write now and then on subjects that hit me as needing it, or that I need to get out of my system.

      My Blogs as all can see are located here on my Blog page and my thoughts sometimes turned into discussions with others or just approved or or liked by others, and i hope to do more of them, believe you me.

        My Poems I turned into two Poetry Books, and Published them as so, on KIndle E-books thru, Create a Space. They are as follows:  The Poems of W.M.M.- @ and the second is  Adult Poems of Lust and Romance-HTTP://

         My Little books are all on Watt Pad  and Amazon Kindle E-books

         They are as Follows: Mackey

                                           The Project Murders

                                           Tick Tock The Infernal Clock

                                            Fishing Days with Dad

                                            Abraham- A Man of Contradictions

                                            My Maria

                                            Rusty The Beagle

                                            Angie’s Folly

                                            Three Mandolin Murder Mysteries in One

                                            Wails of an Attention Deficit and Hyper-Active Child

                                            The Amigos

                                            Passing On………………

                                            God Damn It!

                                             Women Are in Charge

                                             Why Hide it?

                                              National Guard Heros

                                             The Holy Land Murder

                                             Romance , Sex and Fools

                                             What Really Happened to Alex

                                             Unattainable Love

                                             The Northern Woods Murders

                                             Blackness in Alaska

                                            Men Do Cry

                                            Hanging in Dealy Plaza

                                            Who Made Me, Me

                                             False Accusations

                                             Disappearing Hams

                                             Dark Secrets


      My wish is they are good enough for people to want to read and enjoy for the low prices I put on them, they are not novels but stories I did. Some are good some are not it depends on your taste, please feel free to look them up.


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