Second Life/ Linden Labs and Gaming Rules

Second Life is a online world, simulator you can do almost anything you wish in, at least it was for a long time, You created your own free account and an avatar and could earn lindens which is their version of money to buy items or play games and socialize with others as doing so.
Now Second Life is stopping all gaming in it’s little simulation world and charging amazing amount of money to run any game in it. It’s sad really for their invention of a simulated world for fun will die without the option to play games and to gamble in someway. many come into Second Life and meet others by playing games such as Greed or No Greed, and single board games too and Bingo. Now they want you to pay amazing fees and hire lawyers to do what ya want to do most in it, sad isn’t it/
If The Linden Lab People do what they intend to do here, they will kill their project and it’s ability to attract people to socialize in it and have fun. Already they are losing people and the new rules and laws have not come into play as of yet and won’t till August 1st, 2014.
As people now begin to bail out of Second Life and head to different simulators to join and start over, Second Life and the Lindens of Linden Labs will begin to feel it soon. When they do will they change their plans, I doubt it, for they are now the big corporate folks now and the whole thing has gone to their heads. The Bottom line is this folks and members currently in Second Life. The Linden Labs folks want to kill Second Life to Launch a brand new platform of Second Life, for all to use and they thing by charging for these games to be played it will close so they can launch it. They are probably right, but in the end, how many of the members and customers of the current Second Life will go to the new platform in the end? I think very few, because they will expect the same act to follow them to the new platform and destroy that too, so why go there.
Do not get me wrong Linden Labs, many of us who are disabled, sick, ill and unhealthy love Second LIfe and hang out in it for socialization purposes and to play games, kill gaming and you kill the program in the near future. No one can afford the prices you are quoting in todays economy to run a gaming sim in you program, it will all die. Sadly, many will exit your Second life and head on back to older programs or competing companies sims who will charge nothing to be there. So you will lose out in this deal.


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