American Presidents and Their Faults and Problems

Richard Milhous Nixon, was a President of the United States many prefer to remember for his battle with the Justice System and his downfall and resignation from office over WaterGate. He is also the American President who opened up Russia, China and took America off the Gold Standard for our money. He also served prior to being President as Vice President and a Senator from California. Yet, Americans’s are stuck on his part in the Watergate Affair and whether or not he was a crook or criminal, why?
I don’t know, but I can tell you this about Richard M. Nixon, he was the last President who had a effect on the economy, foreign policy, and the laws of the land. He was the last President who had a loaf of bread under a dollar and a pack of cigarettes cheap enough for people to buy and smoke. Prices were lower because people knew Richard Nixon was watching it all. Russia feared him, China feared him, and even Korea and Vietnam feared what he might do. He stood his ground for America and yes he made mistakes, but so did others before and after him as our Presidents.
Before Nixon we had Kennedy, and he was a womanizing, sex addict who we forgave for his bad spots and idolized as a hero for his term of Camelot as Jackie called it all. he lied to the country about his back and addison’s disease and hid it. He dated a woman who was a russian spy while in the Navy, his father bought his way out of it, come on folks lets wake up.
William Clinton is a great politician who did a lot for America too, but was impeached for his dropping his pants in office. So lets talk the truth about President’s ok.
Ronald Reagan was a President many, many people admired in office, yet he too was not perfect, but he stood strong for America and took no shit from anyone. But the truth behind Ronald reagan’s second term is amazing really, his wife Nancy Reagan ran the show through him, like a puppet master pulling strings, you can’t run a country if you have Alzheimer’s can you folks and he was elected for a second term with no one knowing that.
This all goes to prove one thing America whether we deal with george Washington our first President, who never really won a major battle for his country, or we deal with Barrack Obama and his flaws, anyone we elect has flaws and problems in office. No one person is perfect nor can they say they never made a mistake and that is what makes even the most powerful person in the world, The American President is human still to this day.


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