Wake Up Mankind!

Peace and quiet is a right every person on this planet deserves and should have, compromise is a word few understand and open communication at times can lead to full blown eruption of anger, emotions, tears and fears, but, if we steer ourselves toward respecting one anothers rights and care, we can make it as humanity.
Peace can bring cultures together, nations together, stop wars and give us all a way to cooperate and help one another through surviving on this planet. we must learn to openly communicate, to openly show respect for different beliefs and ways of thinking and work to fully understand one another. For the alternative if the self destruction of humanity on the planet, we are all one finger push away from oblivion each moment we live, because of the invention of weapons of explosive and nuclear power. Must mankind kill itself left and right, just to prove who is right or wrong over borders, or politics? Sad isn’t it folks to be this close to the end and hanging on some leaders emotional balance or mental well being?
Out on the coast of each country that is touching an ocean, is the answer of where mankind came from as we climbed from the oceans to survive. Sadly we all did it no matter race, color, ethic or national origin, yet we all forget it, don’t we?
Peace needs to reign supreme on the planet for mankind to survive can’t everyone see and understand that? we can’t continue to kill off each other for like all creature we will face extinction too.
Nor can we continue to burn up the resource of the planet we live on and pollute it so badly it can not reproduce any more of those vital resources, mankind needs to exist!
Wake up Mankind stop self destructing, your selves and the planet you live on and wake up!


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