Legal Rights and Holidays

Morning America! The Fourth of July has flown by as the fireworks reigned supreme last night. We Celebrate every year the freedoms our ancestors won from England way back then and the Constitution that gives us the rights we now have. It’s a pleasure to be an American, but some try to twist the laws and the rights to their own means. One of the problems with America and it’f form of Government and Laws is simple too many believe they can bend them, disobey them and get away with what they want. UNless you understand that the laws are made to protect all, you lose in a court of law. Such happens everyday when a Judge sits on the bench and listens to cases of civil as well as legal matters, and makes their decision and tells the defendant this is my Court Order and it will stick and if you break it you will go to Jail. many think they can still bypass what the Court Order says and do their thing and end up incarcerated for a long time.

Anyway next subject, for all. As all Americans celebrated Independence Day in America the Fireworks displays were great and many and the skies lite up brightly. That is great for public consumption in America as stadiums are used for these displays, but it becomes a problem when you neighbor does it all night and no one stops him for disturbing the peace. Sadly, the police bend rules and laws for people with money and don’t stop them from taking advantage of these things. Yet, the quiet neighbor has to suffer as we hit the firecrackers and bangs and crackles all night on the fourth when we would rather stay home and relax. we the people includes elderly, injured and disabled individuals and people who like their privacy too, lets protect all peoples right Police Officers not just those with money on these holidays.
There comes a time when someone’s legal rights to celebrate the Fourth Of July is allowed and should no be allowed that time ladies and gentlemen is at 10 pm each night in your area, loud noises and bangs and fireworks should be shut down in private neighborhoods at that time, period.


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