LandLord Problems we face!

     Recently I ran into a problem as a LandLord and I now have to go to court to take care of it all. First and foremost if you rent property of any kind the first problem is screening people to live in your properties. People give references and the references lie their asses off to get the person in and then your screwed once they get in. If anything goes wrong it is a battle to get these people out, especially if they resist.

    Then it starts a verbal war with these people which escalates into something bad, which ends up involving police and laws. These situations are looked at as the responsibility of both the landlord and the tenet in the end. It all depends on the Officer as to who to believe and what to do. Wrong in my Opinion.  For in the end the landlord holds the property rights and just because they rented a room or apartment in it to the tenet , the property itself is still owned by those who pay for it, the owner. Why should someone I don’t want in my home anymore, be able to forcefully stay in my home , because of delays in the courts or silly side steps in the law? I had this all happen to me and wanted to Evict this guy, but the law says he can stay in the room until the Eviction is final. So because of the violence of the situation and the physical intimidation he is doing to my wife and i, I am going for a new Restraining Order against his for another 6 months and going to ask the JUdge to tell him to move and stop locking up a room in my house we want to have back.

      As to what the JUdge will say i know not, but I know if the man is restrained from approaching my home, my person and my wife’s person and I have statements from others on his attitude and why he is doing what he is doing and the fact he has already been restrained once and will be again, why can’t the same Judge order him to move and take his stuff with him? and How will we know when he is formally evicted if he is Restrained from my home so we can reuse our own property? Legal Questions like this is a pain in the ass for Americans everyday, I just want my peace of mind back again and no more destruction of my property, like the 46 inch HDTV he ruined and my X-Box 360 and VCR and VHS and DVD Player, don’t I have a right to protect my property from this hoodlum and his veiled threats?










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