Welcome to The Future, Hillary Rodham Clinton?

     I have survived and lived through so many Presidents in American History now, that it seems silly none were women of power and smarts. Hillary Clinton fits both those bills plus is politically savvy too. The woman is smart enough to not say she is running for President as she answers some critical questions about her term as Secretary of State with straight answers. brilliant is the word for her  and her husband actually, they both accept the flaws they may have and move forward with helping the country I congratulate them both. It is amazing how Americans have overlooked the possibility of a female President for so long as many other Nations elect them and they do great jobs. So why not America right? I think if the American People want an honest, tough and politically correct person as President who understands the world and the domestic home country and economy Hillary clinton fills all those things and more.

My live started under Dwight D EisenHower, went to Kennedy, Johnson,Nixon, Ford, Carter, and on and up words thru Reagan and Clinton and Two Bushes and  now Obama. Among all of them I have seen different characteristics in Presidents. Each led the American People in a different manner and direction, some were right, some were wrong and some were indifferent. Yet they all had one thing in common a backbone, courage and the ability to admit a mistake when they made one. Hillary Clinton fits that bill too, she is not afraid of saying wait one minute, a mistake was made lets reexamine it and then go forward. I think she will make a Great President.

 Yes it would be a Historic First for America, but on the other hand who would you trust more? Ted Cruze, hell no, Ron Paul’s son, hell no, The Governor of Texas nope, I wouldn’t elect any politician who has served in Congress the last 8 years on either side as President, they did absolutely nothing to improve the economy or create jobs or help americans in anyway, except show up and get a paycheck they don’t deserve! Why Vote one of them in as President, it would be stupid. And only damage the American People and the country in my opinion has accumulated enough lately. Lets change it!

The First step was taken when Eric cantor lost his primary to get reelected! Next we need to clear Congress on both sides of it of dead weights not doing a thing except for themselves. Vote them out folks if they are doing nothing for the people while in office. Clear the Congress and lets see new blood and better people on both sides working to make the country better!

 The second step would be to elect Hillary Clinton to the white House. With Hillary we would get a leader, with brains, compassion, and skills we need. On top of that you would get advice I am sure from her husband Bill the former President. It would be a two for one deal actually, yes Bill would be there but she would be in power, asking for the advice not the other way around. In History many Presidents have made mistakes, and been impeached for different reasons, but don’t let Congress fool you folks, Bill Clinton did his job as President, yeah he didn’t keep it in his pants, but thats not the question here is it. The Question is what will Hillary Clinton do and can she lead I say yes, is she politically correct yes, does she have morals and beliefs yes. Vote Hillary Clinton folks, if she runs make her President she is what we need in office at this stage in America!





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