Comics Books, and Movies and Childhood

   I was born in 1956, and during the 1960s when I loved to sit down and read a good comic book there were some of the biggest superheros in history around plus some heros not so super. We had Dick Tracey, We had Flash Gordon, Dracula, Superman, Batman and many more. Now These superheros of my youth are all a part of big screen movie history.  I would spend days and nights sitting in one place reading old comic books from DC and Marvel, stories of course made up, by the writers and artists of these companies. They fueled a need in me to be a super hero myself to excel at something no one else would, or to be the best I could be in all ways. The Avengers, The Fantastic Four, The Justice Leagues, all promoted team work and togetherness, while showing how to fight evil and problems in the world. They affected billions over the years and shall continue to do so. Some of the great artists and writers have died these days, but Stan Lee of Marvel is seeing all his characters now hit the big screen in movies everywhere. God Bless ya Stan Lee, ya did make history with them and impress many young minds and hearts and mold them too.

       I know many will think I am crazy writing about Comic Books here on my blog at my age, but, these books were used to teach manners, love, respect, hard work and much, much more to the children of the 1950s and 1960s. I had friends who had boxes and boxes of comic books to read and who would read them over and over to escape cruel realities they lived in too. To Escape real life families that were cruel and mistreating their children was not a fantasy back then, and it still exists today. The children who escaped then thru comic books are today their collectors, and the hard working people in the world making it a better place today. So when a child looks at a comic book or graphic novel or the art in it don’t discourage them encourage them, the lessons to be found in many of these tales, built and pushed some basic things in american Society needed to survive. 

For years and years I remember laying on my bed staring into a make believe world from comic books. Tales of The Justice League, Batman, Superman,Green Lantern, Spiderman, The Fantastic Four, Iron man, Thor all now on the big screen, including The X-Men and more, lit up my dim little world and helped me ease into the world at my own pace. Authors and poets led the way for me too, from Shakespeare, to Jack London, to Robert Ludlum, all brought me to a richer life filed with dreams attainable. and when you see dreams, understand them, find what is important to you and reach for them, and don’t give up you will attain!

My Life was built on these tales and lives and stories from these comic books! It led me to explore the woods, it led me to dream, it led me to write on my own and to deal with real life emergencies and loves lost and found too. It led to dreams of being a hero, of protecting family, and friend, it led to my 16 year Naval career and to my being the Disabled American veteran I am today, serving my country. So when people doubt Comic books, they shouldn’t, they enforce so many good things in children.



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