Veteran’s Administration and It’s Hospitals

     Lets talk thing that bothers me about the Government of our nation and the press which reports on it daily. Sadly to say no Government in the World is perfect and that includes the American one.  Our Government gave us  the right to bear arms, it gave us freedom of religion and speech, it gave us the right to vote. It supplied us with Social Security, now medical coverage too. It provides laws to keep the country running in the right direction and to protect the weak, the infirmed or handicapped, and much more. It provides us a military to protect us in times of war. But is it supplying us all we need to be happy and free no, for it only guarantees choice and the right to choose period. But, it is still overall the best form of Government in the world, and it was given to us by some of the Greatest Minds in American History, so unless your stupid , if you live in the USA you will support it.

       Recently, I have heard tales and news about The Veterans Administration and the HOspitals they run for us Veterans who have served. While I know and understand the reasons for these problems and what has happened, I also know it is not right to have Disabled Veterans waiting for care and dying because we do not get it. We didn’t make Uncle Sam wait for us to defend and serve the country did we? Yet on the other hand I can not buck the Veteran’s Administration or it’s Medical Staff at these hospitals. For every bad story, like the problems with lists, and waits there is a story of lives saved and made better.

          I am a Disabled American Veteran myself, I was discharged with a Honorable Discharge under Medical Condition for a service connected injury to my spine. The Veteran’s Hospital in West Haven has taken very good care of me since 1993. They have provided Physical Therapy for my back, a back brace if needed, canes medications, glasses, sleep apnea machine and so much more, even dental care. So they are well and good people doing their jobs as Doctors and Nurses, APRNs and more. The problem is there are not enough of them to take care of the grand number of Veterans roaming their halls looking for help. ManPower in these hospitals and equipment is the problem, not the lack of caring or understanding or the ability to heal. Numbers hurt the Veterans Hospitals, not the people running them, unless they are in the bureaucratic administration of it all. It it the leaders who never leave their offices in Washington or the State capitals and go to these hospitals, to tour them and listen to what the employees need to get that job done that are wrong. we need the Administrative Leaders of The Veteran’s Administration to tour these hospitals in each state and see what equipment is missing, and how low the manpower is, they are asking to do the job.

         I will never ever slap the Veteran’s Administration for all it has done for me. They have nedicated my conditions, supplied physical therapy, PTSD Counseling, devices to keep me alive as needed and Doctors and NUrses and staff who care. I was even reeducated and sent through College by The Veteran’s Administration as a retraining process for jobs. They have provided, in August of 2013 I was diagnosed by the Veterans Hospital here in West haven Connecticut with Lung Cancer. They immediately took action, doing cat scans, pet scans, Mris and blood work and within one month of the discovery of the cancer, I was on an operating table and one lobe and a third of my right lung was removed. I have received pulmonary care, cancer care and much more since and I am now free of cancer and surviving in May of 2014. The Veteran’s Hospital in West Haven, Connecticut by way of my Primary Provider and many Doctors, Nurses and Aprns, and more have saved my life from strokes, and heart problems and now cancer. Thanks to them I am alive and kicking and able to see my grandchildren as they dance and play and grow up. Thank You!

         Please never forget how many Veterans these Hospitals, Nurses, Doctors, technicians, keep alive and enjoying life that have served your country.  The sad part is because there have been mistakes made in these hospitals, you should not condemn them or bad talk them, but give them financial assistance, more equipment, and more personnel to make them work better. Expand it, don’t disband it, it does far more good for us Veterans then bad.




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